World Egg Day celebration in school

On Friday, October 13, 2023, people all across the world will commemorate World Egg Day. It comes on the second Friday of October every year. For kids, it comes with fun and enjoyment. On this occasion, we need to celebrate with the kids to tell them about this nutritious food. In this post, the Montessori West Covina, CA, team is going to discuss the World Egg Day celebration in school.

Let's read it out:

Host an egg-themed brunch

Invite the kids and their friends and family over for a special brunch that is all about eggs. Organize an event and try different kinds of items from the egg. Serve up different types of egg salads, quiches, omelets, and more!

Interesting facts about eggs

On this day, you can also teach the kids about some facts related to eggs. Even though we couldn't definitively say whether the hen or the egg arrived first. Haha! But we can tell you:

  • One of the few foods that naturally contain vitamin D is egg yolks.
  • At ambient temperature, eggs may age more quickly than they can in the refrigerator in a week.
  • Between 25 and 26 hours are needed for a hen to produce an egg.
The theme of the year 2023

The theme varies from year to year; you can tell the kids about the theme of 2023 for their better knowledge. This year's theme is "Eggs for a Healthy Future." It draws attention to the egg's ability to enhance dietary, socioeconomic, and environmental sustainability results, resulting in better futures for all.

Contribute to a nearby charity or food bank

Eggs are a vital and nutrient-rich dietary item. To assist in providing eggs to people in need, think about giving eggs or money to a nearby charity or food bank. It's a heartfelt way to celebrate while having a beneficial effect on your neighborhood.

Explore different egg recipes

This is the perfect opportunity to try out new egg recipes you haven’t attempted before. Consider making homemade pasta with egg-based dough, baking a quiche, or experimenting with homemade mayonnaise or custards. You can find numerous recipes online or in cookbooks.


Common nutritional deficiencies, which frequently go untreated yet, are essential for optimum health and performance can be overcome by eating eggs. Beyond their nutritional value, eggs are among the animal sources of protein that are least harmful to the environment. All the more reason to celebrate eggs with Montessori City of Industry, CA, this year since they can play a more significant role that helps both people and the environment. You can connect with us for more information.