When You Should Enroll Your Child for Swimming Club

Have you seen those viral videos where the newborn kids are floating on the water effortlessly? Aren’t those beautiful and breathtaking? As per the study, it is very natural for the babies to ‘float’ on the water as they did it in their mothers’ womb. From those videos, you may get the concept that newborn babies have in-build swimming talent. However, in reality, they only know how to float not swim.

Most of the time, the parents have become too confused about the right time to enroll their children for the swimming club. There are many programs in the swimming club that assist the children to develop the swimming skills at a very early age. When the little ones can adopt the swimming ability, they can enjoy the pool, beach or even competitions.

Many reputed Montessori in West Covina, CA have the swimming program for the toddlers where they take care of the water safety in the best possible way. Recently, a study on a child’s behavior and motor skills has revealed that the early acquisition of the swimming skill enhances the motor control, intellect and coordination skills. If you take a close look at those special swimming classes in the Child care City of Industry, CA; you will find out that those are aimed to develop the water readiness, preparation, and adjustment in order to gain the ability to swim.

What is the right age for your child to start swimming?

There are many special programs designed for the kids as young as six months but most of them are for only fun activities. The parents only want to beat the irritating heat and boast some water safety tips. According to the Red Cross Scientific Advisory Council, it is better to start the swimming classes for the children when they are at least four or five years old and they will learn the skill gradually in a couple of years.

However, the American Association of Pediatrics has reduced the age line to one year old as they have found that it has drastically reduced the risk of poolside accidents among the preschoolers. For that reason, the Montessori in West Covina, CA has the facility for special swimming classes with a special coach to train the kids how to swim.

As a parent, if you are still very perplex-state, then let us show you some data and statistics. According to a study in the US, the risk of poolside accidents among one to four year old children has been reduced by 88%.

However, the main challenge for the parents lies in to grow the interest of swimming among the children. As most of the children don’t enjoy the concept of water fun at that age and some of them have the fear of drowning, it has been a real challenge to take the kids to the swimming club. As the solution, you can enroll them into the swimming program offered by Child care City of Industry, CA where they can enjoy with their friends.