When is the right time to introduce your child to solid food?

Most kids don’t need anything before 6 months; they grow well with breast milk. However, they find it difficult to suddenly eat heavy food. Now the question arises: is there a time zone when you need to give solid food to your child? In this blog, you will get the answer to it. Introducing your little munchkin to solid food can be a very confusing task if you are a new parent, so read this post to clear up your confusion.

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When can my baby start solid food?

Always remember that their readiness for solid food is shown in their growth rate. Here are some good signs that show you your child is ready for solid food.

  • Can your child hold their heads up? It is required that your baby be able to sit in a high chair, or maybe a feeding seat with good head control.
  • Notice that your child opens his/her mouth when you take the food spoon in front of them. If yours is ready to eat, also see if they are watching you or not. Try to reach the food table and look eager to be fed.
  • Observe how your child moves food from a spoon into the throat. If you give your child a spoon of cereal, the child will push it out of their mouth and it dribbles onto their chin. So understand that the child is not able to move food to the back of their mouth to swallow it. That's very normal. Rewind if your child has never had anything other than breast milk or formula. He/she will take the time to get used to this food.
  • We would prefer you to dilute the food for a few weeks and then gradually thicken the texture. Maybe you have to wait a week or two and try again.
  • Is your child's growth enough? Generally, when babies double their birth weight (after 4 months of their birth) and if the weight is about 13 pounds or more, this is a sign your child is ready for solid foods. So you can consider that your baby's physical development shows that they are now ready to handle heavy foods.
Final Thoughts

When your baby is moving from milk to solid food, this needs proper understanding and patience. So you must consider all the above-mentioned points. As a mother, it is your responsibility to choose the right food for your child's healthy growth. It is also true that most parents do not have enough time to devote to their children and therefore send them to crèche or preschool. So, if you are one of them, enroll your children in our Montessori La Puente CA or Preschool La Puente CA.