What You Can Do When Your Child Refuses to Go to School

Have you had to deal with grumbling kids who complain of a stomach-ache right before going to school? If he stays home, do the symptoms vanish only to reappear the next morning? Does your child throw tantrums when you try to send him school? If yes, then your child may be having what's known as school refusal. Preschool West Covina CA says children with school refusal struggle a lot getting to school and staying there for some time. This happens due to some type of anxiety or restlessness. You can follow the below-mentioned steps to help your child going to school happily with a zeal for learning.

Check for physical causes :

If your toddler is complaining of any physical discomforts, without wasting any time take him to the doctor and get him checked. Maybe your child is not having any serious physical issues, but it is always good to get checked by a pediatrician.

Talk to your child and listen up :

Try to have a conversation with your child to know about what is bothering him and at the same time make him understand that it is very important to go to school. Montessori La Puente CA suggests instead of having a forced conversation with your child, you should convey the most important message that you trust him and care for him. While talking to your child you need to be very careful and have patience. It may be a case of bullying or a difficult class. But it is essential to know what is going on in your child's life and try to listen to him in a non-judgmental way.

Ask for help :

It's a good idea to enlist the help of the school staff including the teacher, principal, and school nurse. You can make an appointment with his teachers and make them aware of the situation. They can help to encourage your child and ease his anxieties. You can work in collaboration with the teachers and plan for having your child returned to school. Preschool West Covina CA teachers and caregivers also try to resolve the stressful situation and make him feel safe and comfortable in the school environment.

Take a kind but firm approach :

It is vital to show a caring attitude as your little one is experiencing something stress full in school. You need to be kind enough and listen carefully if he is trying to communicate his worries. Your calm and positive approach towards the problem will help your child feel comfortable and confident. You must let your child know that you are there for him and will solve the problem together.

Set clear routines on days off school :

If you find your child at home on school days without being ill, set up a clear schedule like Montessori La Puente CA. He must wake up and get dressed by school time and finish his pending school assignments. He will have a very limited / no access to TV and internet during school hours.