4 Ways To Help Keep Children Learning During The COVID-19 Situation

The current COVID-19 situation has impacted family life in many ways. Almost all the people, including children, have been affected by this pandemic. School closure, working remotely, physical distancing, maintaining cleanliness, and hygiene– a lot of things are there for parents to navigate right now. At the same time, parents are getting stressed thinking about how to keep their children’s learning during this pandemic. Relax! Teachers of Montessori La Puente, CA are always there to help you out. Here they have shared some tips to help keep children’s education on track while they are staying home.

1. Plan a schedule together to create a routine and that includes age-appropriate educational programs that can be followed online, on the television, or through the radio. Don’t forget to include free playtime and reading time. In fact, you can incorporate some everyday activities as learning opportunities for your children. It would be better if you can plan some activities (like watering the plants together, playing with building blocks, doing some age-appropriate exercise, etc)where your child can develop certain skills.

Though it is important to establish a structure for your children, please make it a little flexible.

2. Having an open conversation with your child

Everybody is going through a tough time, and it is quite natural to get stressed and frustrated easily. But we should hold each other’s hands and fight the situation. So, please have an open conversation with your children. You may have deadlines to meet but don’t forget to focus on the mental and emotional health of your little ones. According to the teachers of Montessori La Puente, CA, conversations will help you to understand their feelings. In fact, spending some time talking or playing with your kid will also help you to feel relaxed.

3. Start with smaller steps

It is always good to take smaller steps first when you are trying to incorporate any change in your child’s routine. If you are planning to enroll them for some sessions, which may continue 30 to 40 minutes, start with 10 minutes and build up from there. It would be great if you can talk to the instructor and combine some offline activities like exercise or drawing with the online sessions.

4. Teach your children to be safe online

At this time, children’s learnings are majorly dependent on the online sessions. So, it has become very important to teach them some internet safety rules. Discuss the internet safety rules with your child so that they know how it works, what they need to be aware of, and what appropriate behavior looks like on the platform they use. Despite teaching and discussing all the safety rules, Montessori La Puente, CA teachers always advise parents to be observant whenever kids are using the internet or attending an online class.

These are the tips you can follow to continue your children’s learning. But you know your kids better, so you can plan accordingly to ensure they are learning and having a healthy development.