Want To Instill Good Behavior In Your Preschooler? Try The Below-Mentioned Activities

If you are a parent of a toddler, you must have heard the phrase ‘terrible twos’. But according to many parents, it is the preschool stage that is more crucial for any child and definitely for the parents. To make them manage easily at this age, instilling good behavior is very important. But you must be tired of nagging your child to do the right thing and have found that lectures do not work for these super enthusiastic little fellows. So, instead add the below mentioned super fun activities, followed by the Montessori City of Industry, CA teachers, to teach honesty, responsibility, compassion, patience, and more to your parenthood playbook.

Building a train :

This fun activity kids can do with their friends. They have to build a train mainly using large cardboard boxes. They can even use markers, stickers, construction paper, glue to decorate the outside of the boxes and draw the wheels. Parents can also join in with this group of little engineers. As kids are doing this activity in a group, they will learn a sense of accomplishment. They understand the importance of perseverance and working in a group peacefully to achieve a common goal.

The cheer up game :

Kids will love to play this game as they have to draw a series of faces with different expressions (sad, angry, scared, happy, surprise, etc). Then put the papers in a basket. Kids should take turns choosing a face then acting out the feeling drawn on the paper. In the Montessori City of Industry, CA children play this game to explore and appreciate different emotions and understand how it feels when a person feels sad or scared. They also learn to be empathetic towards the emotions and feelings of others.

The hot or cold game :

Kids can play this child-friendly game in groups to learn and appreciate the attitude of cooperation. To play this game, one child needs to be the ‘finder’ whereas others act as helpers. The helpers will send the finder out of the room and then hide an object (maybe a ball or doll) somewhere in the room. Then the finder has to come in and find the ball, while other players will shout out hints: “you are getting hotter” (when the finder is near the object) or “you are getting colder” (when he is away from the object). This game teaches children to help each other and encourage teammates to achieve the desired goal.

I spy :

Like many other preschools, kids love to play this spying game. They take turns in spotting any nearby object and describing them. They may say: “I spy with my explorer’s eye something red and round.” Listening to the description, other players will try to guess the object. Whoever guesses right, gets to be the next ‘spy’. Teachers want their students to play this game often to understand the value of being patient. Patience is all about waiting for the appropriate time.

You can do these fun activities at home also to instill good behavior in your pre-schoolers and help them understand the importance of being positive and open-minded.