Montessori children’s environments are carefully designed to develop them in full potential. Even small changes in their room bring a noticeable impact on a child’s behavior says caregivers of a preschool of Montessori La Puente, CA. During this pandemic situation when most of the children are at home, it is really necessary to create a Montessori-inspired play corner for them at their residence.

Caregivers of some Montessori opine that getting an ideal atmosphere in the school is not enough. They stay in their care for a few hours. But, maximum time of a day they spend at home with parents and other family members. So creating an ideal corner for your toddler is necessary for the overall mental and physical development of them. Childhood is the formative period. So by injecting proper education if you can make the pillar strong, the children will automatically shine when they grow old.

How to make a play corner for Preschoolers

It is very easy to form a lay corner for children. Dedicate an open space, if possible a room exclusively for your children to make the play space. It is better to choose a quiet corner for them. Place a limited number of toys and activity-oriented games there. If you keep too many, it may distract them. Keep extra toys in storage and rotate them every week. Be sure that toys, games, and storybooks are displayed nicely at the child’s height so that he or she can reach them easily without your help. Consult daycare caregivers on which play items are needed for the overall development of the children. To make your child’s room beautiful, hang artwork made by the child or beautiful photographs of them, or interesting maps on the wall. But, hang it on your child’s height so that he or she can watch it properly. If possible choose a room with natural light and the by the side of a window so that he can watch the beauty of nature, the change of the season, the beautiful rain through the window. Nature itself is an excellent teacher says a Montessori teacher of Montessori La Puente, CA. If the window is at the high give a step stool. Hang plants to add natural beauty to the room. Children also learn to love nature. After playing is over, tell your toddlers to organize the toys. Make them understand that they must organize their room. Be sure that you clean the floor and sanitize play products frequently. It is necessary during this pandemic situation.

Things that you must include in the play corner

The movable alphabet is one of the most important products to be included in the children’s corner because most of the children start to recognize letters from the age of two or three. But rather than seeing alphabets on a page of a book, they love to handle three-dimensional colorful alphabets. They learn to recognize it and keep it in the brain. The movable alphabet makes the learning process easier. Pink tower is another must item by which children learn to arrange them according to the size. It helps to sharpen mathematical skills like measuring and comparing.