Tips to Keep Your Children Healthy During the Winter

Winter is considered the best season for outdoor activities, such as sledding and skating. Cold weather, ice, and snow are fun but can cause some health problems for children.

Did you know that kids lose body heat faster than adults? Yes, it is true. Babies can not adjust to temperature changes like adults, and so they lose body heat rapidly, nearly 4 times faster than an adult. Therefore, kids are susceptible to different winter health problems like common cold and cough, flu, pneumonia, sore throat, asthma attack, etc.

As parents, you can follow certain tips, shared by the in-house doctors of Preschool Covina, CA, to keep your baby safe and healthy during the winter months.

General Winter Health Tips for All Kids
  • Get the yearly flu vaccine
  • Teach them good handwashing techniques
  • Minimize or avoid infections by not taking your newborn or younger infants out and around a lot of other people until he is little older
  • Encourage your kids to avoid people who are already sick with cold and flu
  • Teach your kids ‘cough etiquettes’. They should cover their mouth turn their towards the back while coughing or sneezing
  • Take refillable water bottles to schools instead of using the school water fountain. The water here may become contaminated with germs, especially during winter.

Winter Health Tips for Specific Medical Conditions

Unfortunately, washing hands and getting a flu shot won’t help you avoid other health problems that can be triggered in the winter season.

  • Asthama : Changes in the weather often trigger asthma attacks. So make sure you have already bought the asthma relief medicines and made an asthma management plan in case your child starts coughing or having other symptoms of an asthma attack. If your child’s asthma always gets worse during winter, it would be good to start an asthma preventive medicine before he gets an attack. You can also inform his Preschool Covina, CA, teachers about his health and the medicines so that they can administer the same if there is any need.
  • Chronic Coughing : Although many kids have normal cough during winter, you should visit a doctor if he develops a chronic cough that lasts most of the winter. Keep all the required medicines stored in your house and use them whenever there is a need.
  • Dry Skin : Having dry skin during winter is a common skin condition that anybody can have. This can especially be observed on a child’s hands, which is made worse by frequent hand washing, and most probably on their cheeks. Use mild soap, give oil massage, and apply good child-friendly moisturizer to avoid this skin problem.
  • Nosebleeds : It can happen due to dryness in the air and can be prevented by moisturizing their nose with saline or a nasal get every day. Please keep in mind that kids in Preschool Covina, CA can have nose bleeds for various other reasons like if they have colds, sinus infections, or allergies.

Hopefully, these winter health tips will help you protect your child in a better way. Take the preventive measures and enjoy the season to the fullest.