Tips to help your kids to improve their vocabulary

We all know that vocabulary plays a significant role in everyone’s life, especially kids. They can perform better in their academics if they have huge words to explain a particular thing. Maybe you know that or not, but your conversation with your baby can help them expand their vocabulary. Talking and reading play a crucial role in developing a child's vocabulary. There are so many ways you can help your child improve their vocabulary, and the Montessori City of Industry CA team has mentioned some of them

Let’s read it:

Visit the library regularly with your child

If you are looking for a great place to start building your preschooler's vocabulary and early reading skills, look no further than your local library. Montessori West Covina CA team feels that strong correlation between library use and literacy-building skills in young children. If you aren't sure what to do when you get there, ask your librarian for help.

Children's libraries often have fun and engaging events and activities for young children, which will expose them to new words and allow them to socialize.

Encourage your child to read

Children, like adults, read because it is one of the best ways to improve their vocabulary. Particularly, reading that we truly want to accomplish on our own time independently appears to be the most efficient. When we read in this way, we are introduced to new words more easily and can deduce their meaning from context. Your kids must-read books that are appropriate for their reading levels. Something too simple or complex won't yield the same results.

Bring new words into your child's life

It is very crucial to add some new words to daily life. When your baby learns a new word or noun, you can find the picture online or in a book. If the word is an adjective, consider objects that can be defined by it, such as a modest meal or a conscientious student. If the word represents an emotion, demonstrate the emotion with a facial expression or hand gesture. Acting out new verbs is entertaining; try skulking around the house or strolling to the store.

Describe the word

Explain each new word you use. For instance, you might be teaching your child the word merchant, which is frequently used in social studies textbooks for upper elementary students. You can discuss your town's small businesses with your child. What types of shops can you find in your town? Do they sell anything?


These are some tips that will help you develop your child's vocabulary and help them perform well in their academics. It is not as difficult a task as you think, but it is important to start this journey from the beginning of your life for better performance.