Tips for Daycare to Tackle with Toddlers

Most, if you lost your temper because of your kid's habit. you need to set a role model for them and always remember that they learn from example. Give them fun tasks and activities to enjoy and learn good habits. Here are some tricks and tips for managing the toughest parenting challenges in the toddler-to-daycare demographic.

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Simplify your routine

The art of daycare is the art of repetition. For children who are preverbal or learning language, predictability evokes feelings of safety. That sense of security breeds confidence in toddlers and daycare it is for this reason that most daycares keep their routines with consistent times for lunch, play, snacks, and naps, day after day.

Try to pack as many events into the weekend when you work nonstop. But if possible, minimize the number of transitions in a day, and schedule weekend activities. The toddler or preschooler would be active during daycare.

Capture your routine in pictures

We at our daycare illustrations and charts for the kids to visualize their daily routines, and as parents, you can also try this at home. At home, you can use an online program to create charts with images of daily activities (play, eat, use the bathroom, sleep). Also, you can personalize your kid charts further by using snapshots of the kids doing these activities.

Give warnings

You don't like the interruption when you are engaged in an activity, but for kids who don’t yet have the skills to manage their frustration, it can seem like the end of the world. Still, we don’t have the luxury of moving from one point to another point in our kids’ time. So do what ECEs do: Gives a warning before starting any activity. Teachers at Daycare Walnut CA will flash lights or sing a song to cue transitions. We suggest you (Parents) could do the same with visual or audio cues, like smartphone alarms and sand timers. Tell the child in advance that when the timer goes off, now is the time to clean up. Children welcome changes better when they know what is coming next.

Create the illusion of choice

A lack of control is a big issue in some kids they put up a fuss around transitions. Gets around this by offering what we think is a false choice. Do you want to wash your hands now? Or do you want to wash your hands after two minutes? After doing so, the emphasis changes from feeling out of control to feeling in charge again. You can see the result is the same.


Now you are wondering about sending your kid to Child care Walnut CA we can be a better option for you. Here we work on our kid's mental and physical growth. Give them the task to fulfill without any stress. Our experts have revealed above how to tackle your little munchkins when they are not listening to you. For more information, you can connect with us.