The Things Every Parents Must Know Before Sending Their Kids To Montessori

When you will be sending the apple of your eyes away from the known territory for the first time, there are many questions that will pop up in your mind one after another. Even after the long discussion with the teacher and head of the Montessori City of Industry, CA you may not be assured fully. This anxiety of the parents is completely understandable as the reaction of the child on the first day in the school is totally unpredictable.

When you will send your kid to any reputed Child Care Walnut, CA, there are a few things that you need to know that will help you to prepare well.

  • Clear Communication With The School: It is clearly your duty to let the school know about the child’s food habit, allergy and any other special behavioral approach that they must know. If the kid has any kind of food allergy, then specify the school about it. Most of the toddlers are in bubbling stage and cannot express clearly. In case, your child has any special dialect for the special things like water or toilet, then you have to inform the school about it. You can make a special chart of your kid’s lingo so that the class teacher can communicate with him/her effortlessly.
  • Light Bag pack: Buy a comfortable bag pack for the kid which must be light and reasonably-sized. It will give the child the sense of independence along with responsibilities. Do not put many things in it so that the kid can carry it easily.
  • Skin Protection: According to the curriculum of Montessori City of Industry, CA; the kids must enjoy free sunlight in the school. That’s why, we must recommend to use sunscreen on the kids before they go to the school. You need to apply the insect repellent also to keep them safe from the little bugs.
  • Labeled Everything: The toddlers are too young to identify their own things. To save the teacher from hassles, you have to label everything in the proper way. From lunch box to their bags, writer their names with permanent marker so that the teacher can identify easily.
  • Extra Pair of Dress: You just cannot predict when, how and why the little champs can spoil their dress! To encounter any disaster on their dress, put an extra pair of dress in their bag. In case your kid is potty trained, you just cannot avoid to give underpants for the baby. Remember, the dress of the child must be lose and easy to open in the washroom as the basic aim of the Montessori City of Industry, CA is to make the child independent.

Things the kid should not carry in the school:

When you will leave your toddler in the Child care Walnut, CA, you have to make sure that the following things are not in the bag pack.

Make Up
Smart phone or tablet
Sippy cup

Also remember to check the bag pack of your kid after the day and if you find something unusual, inform the class teacher immediately.