Some rules you should follow in Montessori school

If we look back on our school time, that was the time when we had to follow just like behave well, walk well, don’t talk in the classroom, and many others. There were lots of behavioral boundaries we had to follow in the classroom. When it comes to Montessori schools, are unlike traditional schools. In Montessori schools, kids are free to do anything; the classes are unstructured. Still, there are some rules kids should follow in school. In this blog, we will discuss some rules from our Montessori West Covina, CA experts.

Have a look:

Responsibility: The kids have to use the materials respectfully. They have to focus on that they may not harm the materials, themselves also. Also, they are not allowed to use materials that disturb other kids' activities.

Right: The kids are free to use any materials displayed in the environment.

Responsibility: The child will not be forced to share his or her work; they can work in their way. Sharing happens as a natural process when the right tools are available and the ground rules are acceptable and polite. The generosity of spirit develops from within as the child matures with a sense of self, grounded in security and confidence.

Right: the child can work alone or in a group as per their mood.

Responsibility: no one is allowed to interrupt another without their permission. Kids are not allowed to interfere with another’s learning cycle (it gives them the security to be involved in an exercise to continue it till completion). If the child leaves or stops his/her work in the middle temporarily, they can continue later with confidence when they return.

Right: The kids are allowed to work unrestricted by their other colleagues. They may complete, initiate, or repeat any task alone, and they can also work without a break in their concentration cycle.

Responsibility: Last but not least, and very importantly, kids are not allowed to interfere or disrupt others' activities if they have not chosen to join. This responsibility teaches the group.

Right: The kids have the right to join or not join a group activity. They may work individually or work in group activities or may stand apart as an observer of group activities.

These are not boundaries, but rather moral responsibilities that every child in any school should uphold. We must prefer to teach your kids to adopt this for a better culture.


We always tell the parents to guide the responsibilities that all the kids should follow in their classroom. When you are sending your kids into any space, it is your responsibility to tell them about the rules of behavior when they are in others' space. This is also true: all the rules and regulations are not for the kids. Teachers should also follow some rules. Instead, if you are looking for a Preschool West Covina, CA, we can be a better option for you to offer you the best services.