5 Positive Phrases That Will Boost the Brain Development of Your Toddlers

Do you know 85% of the development of the brain happens in the first three years of life? From food to the ambiance; there are many factors that are responsible to have proper growth among children. As a parent, you must want everything best for your kids. However, sometimes we miss the power of verbal encouragement and guidance that can be very helpful for the babies.

To grow an emotionally and physically strong baby, here are some positive phrases that will reinforce the development of your children:

1. “Let’s drink some milk rather than the juice”.
When the children are mature enough to go to the Montessori West Covina, CA, they can make some choices for their foods. However, as the parent, you must take care of the nutritional value of the food eaten by the little one. Packaged juice is never a healthy option for your child as they have a high level of calorie. You need to encourage them to drink milk instead as it is a great source of calcium and vitamin D3.

2. “Let’s switch off the mobile and read a book together. Will you like to turn the pages?”
Technology can never be a substitute for physical learning. According to the method of Montessori West Covina, CA, the kids must learn to read books to build up their language skills. Even before they can read by themselves, it will increase their vocabulary as well as the listening skill. If you can grow the habit of reading from her Preschool La Puente, CA l days, it will help them immensely during her high school days. There are so many books available at the store that have colorful illustrations to boost up the imagination of the child. In case, if the child has a special interest in a few things like animals, transport or dinosaurs then you can have books for that thing to encourage the interest.

3. “Let’s try to figure out the puzzle; together”.
Solving a puzzle is a great way to boost the brain activity of the children. When they can practice patience and concentration through play, it will help in developing logical skill as well. The fine motor skill along with hand-eye coordination will be improved by solving simple puzzles. Every playschool has different puzzles to make the children smarter and mentally stronger.

4. “Let’s make gardening fun.”
It has been seen in research that physically active children can be more progressive and have better concentration. When you will involve her in the gardening and introduce to the seeds and plants then she can become more eco-sensitive in her later life. Even many Preschool La Puente, CA have introduced gardening in their curriculum.

5. “Let’s have a bite of broccoli; one more time”.
The taste buds of the toddlers are too much active and they shift their choices too soon. Although it seems frustrating, there is some way out to make them eat some healthy actually. Never force to eat him any certain food, instead add some fun in this process. You can cut the food in different shape and size and make some delicious sauce so that it will vanish quickly into their belly quickly.