Online classes tips for kids

A few years back, we saw the importance of the online medium. It was a very challenging and surprising moment for all of us. We have used the online medium for lots of activities, one of them being kids' education. Kids are very flickering, so you have to make lots of effort to improve their concentration for better learning. That is why the Montessori La Puente CA team has mentioned some tips for kids to make the most out of their online classes.

Let's read them out carefully:

Monitor the class

Although our children will be at home alone while the class is in session, we must ensure that they are receiving the required attention. While your child is taking a class, we advise that any family members should be present without disrupting the lesson. An advantage of taking a lesson online is that you can discover more about your child's learning style. You might find it useful to learn about your child's classroom behavior.

Establish a routine

Set a regular schedule for your online classes, including time for breaks and other activities. Stick to this routine as much as possible to maintain a sense of structure and consistency.

Create a comfortable and distraction-free workspace

Choose a quiet, well-lit area with a comfortable chair and a table or desk to work on. Keep distractions, such as TV or toys, out of reach.

Participate actively

Pay attention, take notes, and participate in class discussions. Ask questions and seek clarification when needed.

Use online tools effectively

Familiarize yourself with the online learning platform and the tools provided, such as chat, a whiteboard, and video conferencing. Learn how to use them effectively to communicate and collaborate with your classmates and teacher.

Take breaks

Take short breaks between classes to stretch, move around, or grab a snack. Give your eyes a break from the screen and do something different for a few minutes.

Stay organized

Keep track of your assignments, due dates, and class materials. Use a planner, calendar, or digital tools to stay organized and manage your time effectively.

Stay motivated

Stay motivated by setting goals and rewarding yourself for completing them. Stay positive and focus on the benefits of online learning, such as flexibility and the ability to learn from anywhere.


These are some tips that will work for you as parents. Montessori Covina, CA, teachers feel that you have to pay special attention when you are attending online classes. Rather, if you are looking for a place for your child, you can connect with us. We offer you the best services; here, our team of certified professionals focuses on the holistic growth of your child.