Mind-blowing Ideas To Keep Children Active When There Is Nothing To Do

What to do when you are stuck at home with your children without any purpose? Coronavirus has made us confined at home for near about two years and we are quite uncertain how long we have to remain in this situation. Both young and adults are the victim of this situation, but children are the most sufferers in this situation. We, adults have to do daily household works like cooking, gardening, washing, etc. and most of us are now doing office right from our home. we hardly get any extra time. But, children whose main activity is going to school and playing with friends are now stuck at home without any purpose due to pandemics.

Child care caregivers as well as psychologists who are regularly attending primary schools in City of Industry, CA, say that just sitting idle at home without any activity makes the children dull, lazy, uncreative, and unproductive. So parents must find out some engagements by the help of which kids not only will pass time fruitfully, but also learn something of our daily activities.

A daycare attendant in a primary school has given some idea in this matter.

  • Give your kids some household finds like toilet paper, glue, paper towel, Popsicle sticks, etc., and tell them to build something new using these products. Appreciate them when they do it.
  • If you have toddlers at home, to keep them busy and happy never replicate their school at home. They will get frightened of it. Instead, invite them in your kitchen because toddler loves to play in the kitchen. Assign them some jobs like washing fruits and vegetables, mash soft boiled potato or bananas, mix dry ingredients, together. They will gladly do it and it helps to enhance their common sense.
  • Children who are attending elementary school become more independent, but that does not mean that they do not need attention. They are also stuck at home during this pandemic. Assign them some works that need some skill like washing comb and brush of the whole house, dusting furniture or cleaning the floor. Make them aware of the operation process of the washing machine and engage them in washing clothes. But do supervise them at least for the first few days.
  • Hang a home bulletin board on one wall anywhere at home and encourage children to write a small story, poems, or events on paper and hang them. You also give them company in writing your own experience. They will be encouraged by it and it will enhance their writing skill.
  • Bring a big canvass and start to draw a picture jointly along with your children. You start to draw from one side and tell them to start from the other side. Both meet at the midpoint. Now see how the picture looks like.
  • Reading bedtime storybooks is a must therapy for the enjoyment of toddlers as well as your grown-up kids.

Do keep your children busy in several methods to keep them mentally fit.