Let Your Child Grow In The Right Direction At Walnut Montessori Preschool Academy

Let your child grow in the right direction. We at Walnut Montessori, help your child enhance and embrace his/her creative side and foster them to keep growing and learning in the best possible way. We offer a friendly environment where your child can enfold his or her emotional well-being and also grasp things to their fuller potential.

The building's entrance is protected and screened. For additional surveillance, we have Security Front Entrance and Close Circuit TV. Only after ID's have been checked for authorization can children be released.

The facility meets all mandatory safety and fire regulations and exceeds them. Strong focus is placed on the facility's cleanliness and protection at all times.

Not only this, we at Montessori La Puente, CA also provide various opportunities for your child to grow not only mentally but also physically. As the physical growth of the child is very important these days, we have come up with various extra-curricular activities such as a playground with age-appropriate child-safe activity centers with a very large and fun-filled play area and gym area as well. We have also taken care of the infants by securing the play area with special safety rubber flooring which will protect the infants from any kind of wounds or injuries while playing.

To enhance the hand-eye coordination of the infant we also have a media and computer center with all the facilities like video games, electronic game gadgets, and much more such equipment. Hand-eye coordination is very necessary for the kids as it increases the mental and physical strength of the kids and makes them even more attentive.

Fun is very important in life especially for the kids, so we have also introduced summer camp for kids and parents which are filled with a huge amount of fun with the numerous number of activities such as Chocolate pudding painting, Fun with shaving cream, fruits and vegetable prints, string art, walking water experiment, rainbow in a jar, and many more such fun games.

“Music in the air” is a kind of music garden in this Montessori La Puente, CA so that the infants can make music with the instruments. There are also facilities for the kids to sing music and also dance which can make the life full of excitement. The music garden is well-equipped with traditional music instruments and multi-cultural music equipment from various parts of the world.

Our Outdoor Science Program will expose students to the wonders of Science where they will experiment with Earth, Life, and Physical science activities. They will learn about plants, Planting, Recycling, and Preserving Natural Environments and Eco-Systems, Changing Seasons, Insects, and Water Cycles are a few topics we will be discussing throughout the year.

Another good attraction about the academy is that it has hot and nutritious meals for breakfast, lunch, and snacks. It has a lot of snacks and dishes which are healthy and tasty.

All in all, it’s a good place to make your child’s growth in the most productive and fruitful way.