Learning Disabilities in Children

Learning disorders are caused due to neurobiological factors or genetic disorders. This disorder clots the working of the brain that affects multiple cognitive processes running in the brain related to learning. These processes can interfere with natural learning skills like writing, reading, or any mathematical expression. They are also capable of interfering with the higher skills like attention, abstract reasoning, organization. Time planning as well as long and short term memory can be obstacle. The caregivers at Childcare Walnut CA spend time with the children to help them with their learning disabilities.

Some symptoms of learning disorder :

  • The kids face difficulty in telling from right to left.
  • Reversing numbers, words, or letters after the first grade.
  • Difficulties in sorting structures by shape and size or recognizing the patterns.
  • Difficulty in following the instructions and staying organized.
  • Lack of coordination while moving around in groups.
  • Problems in doing tasks with hands like cutting or writing.
  • Face problems in understanding the concept of time.

The caregivers of Childcare Walnut CA help the children to recover from their learning disorders by carrying out several activities with them.

Examples of learning disorders :

  • Dyslexia : Those having problems reading books.
  • Dyscalculia : Children having problem-solving calculations in maths.
  • Dysgraphia : Those having problems in writing.

Children having these learning might feel frustrated that they can not master any subject despite having enormous talent. Due to this, they might act out, feel helpless, and try to withdraw them from every single activity. The caregivers of Childcare Walnut CA try to help out the children with their disorders by correcting them at the point where they are going wrong. The learning disorders might also be present with behavioral or emotional disorders like attention deficit, anxiety, or hyperactivity disorder. Each disorder must be diagnosed properly so that your child can get the right kind of help for each other.

Treatment for learning disorders

Children suffering from learning disorders often need instructions and help that are specialized for them. The caregivers at Childcare Walnut CA give complete attention to every child so that they can cope with their problems. Having a learning disorder can help qualify a child for special education services in a school. The schools do their proper testing for the learning disorders to check the intervention of a child. A special evaluation by a medical professional is required if there is any other concern about the child's emotion and behavior. Schools, parents, and healthcare providers can work together to find the right treatment as well as referrals.

Role of healthcare providers

The healthcare providers can play an essential role in working together with the school to help a child with learning disabilities and the special services that they require.

  • Identifying the children properly in the need of an intervention or any special education service.
  • Sharing proper relevant information with the school personnel or the early intervention.

The schools must give special attention to those children who are suffering from learning disabilities. An important fact that should be kept in mind is that the children should not be kept alone for some time that might let them feel lonely.