5 Kitchen Safety Tips for Kids to Follow while Cooking

Cooking is an important life skill. Moreover, this is a fun way to spend quality time with your little ones. It can even get the fussy eaters interested in trying new, different, and healthy foods. However, if you are cooking with your kids please please do not forget to follow certain kitchen safety tips. Here, Montessori teachers have shared some essential safety tips for the little cooks.

Always supervise them:
If your kids are cooking in the kitchen you should always be there and supervise them. While cooking, the main forget to maintain certain safety rules. You need to be careful and keep on reminding them to be careful while using any sharp objects or electricity for fire in the kitchen. Your kids are smaller, you can perform certain tasks like cutting and chopping the vegetables. Take this opportunity to show them the right way to hold and use kitchen equipment.

Have a fire safety conversation:
If children need fire to cook, please make sure they have the basic knowledge of fire safety. They should maintain a distance from the flames and you should emphasize the importance of keeping the panhandles away from the flames. As a safety measure, please keep an anti-burn ointment handy in the kitchen.

Wash hands before cooking:
City of Industry, CA playschool teachers always emphasize the importance of washing hands before cooking or eating. This is a very important step for kids to adhere to. They should understand the importance of maintaining kitchen hygiene. Children should also know the correct way to wash their hands. You will be surprised to know that many children and even adults do not know the proper way to wash their hands.

Wear appropriate clothing:
If your kids are helping you in the kitchen, please make sure they are wearing cotton clothes. They should roll up their sleeves, put on the kitchen apron, and use oven mittens whenever there is a requirement.

Teach them some basic first aids:
Montessori teachers suggest parents teaching children some basic first aids. Such as when to use plaster, how to treat minor burns or cuts etc. Keep the first aid box in the kitchen so that they know nowhere it is and use it properly if there is a need.

Some more tips they should follow in the kitchen:

  • Never put metal and Aluminium utensils in the microwave as they can cause a fire.
  • Plastic pots and pans should never be used in the oven.
  • Water should never be added to a pan full of hot oil as it makes splatters and causes serious burns.
These are some basic safety tips you can encourage your kids to follow while helping you in the kitchen. Besides this encourage them to prevent cross-contamination, want up means and spillage immediately, and store food correctly. You can even share some of your personal experiences as this will motivate them to be more careful while cooking or helping you in the kitchen.