Impact Of Watching TV On Children

In today’s world television is an essential part of every child’s life. From watching the magic of superheroes to tuning into horror weekends, children go through an immense experience through television and create a small world of imagination. Though technology and media have made learning fun for kids, they come with some disadvantages. According to the teachers of Montessori West Covina, CA, television builds character and personality and even has the power to change attitudes and perspective towards life. You can take some extra measures to ensure that your children enjoy TV shows without being exposed to the ill effects of TV.

The positive impact of television on kids :

Entertainment : Television is the most popular medium of entertainment. Children find the sounds and colorful images on the screen very appealing and entertaining. There are many fun shows on television (from movies to cartoon shows) to keep children engaged for some time, teach new skills and let them have fun – all in one package.

Education : There are few channels in television dedicated to creating educational and informative content for the audience, especially children. Educational shows inspire kids to take action and engage in productive manners. Educational programs on television also provide some innovative ways to learn something new.

Sports : In Montessori West Covina, CA, teachers allow kids to watch sport shows such as football, cricket or volleyball to generate interest in outdoor activities.

Creativity : In television, the shows on cooking, baking, drawing, painting, music stimulate children's mind and encourage them to explore their hidden talents.

Stress relief : Watching television for some time can be a healthy stress relief for children who go through stress in school or outdoor environments. Some good programs on TV can do wonders for a child’s mood and emotional problems.

Negative impacts of television on kids :

  • Children who spend too much time in front of the television may miss out on some golden opportunities in life. They may lose precious time which would have been spent more productively.
  • Watching too much television does not allow kids to be creative and imaginative.
  • Spending more than 2 to 3 hours in front of the screen daily is harmful to kids as they suffer from a lack of concentration in the classroom environment.
  • Teachers of Montessori West Covina, CA, have observed that watching too much TV makes kids unproductive. They can’t think of fresh ideas on their own and always try to copy from others.
  • Watching television for more than 2 hours is also causing obesity and other health disorders in children.
  • TV shows do not show reality but provide a distorted view of the world. Perfect characters and situations make kids feel inferior.
  • Spending a lot of time in watching TV may result in a lack of participation in academic activities. Kids often skip school and homework because of TV and this affects their academic performance.

Considering the fact that watching television has both positive and negative impacts on children, parents can limit their children’s screen time. You need to ensure that they are watching quality programs and spend their time productively.