How to Know If Your Child Is Being Bullied

Do you know that bullying can have a variety of short and long-term effects for both the victim and a bully? Bullying is a real problem of this generation. Preschool La Puente CA suggests parents be aware of the symptoms of bullying.

First, let's understand what is bullying :

Though there is no universally accepted definition of childhood bullying, the term is often used to describe when a child teases another child over and over again, say mean things, spread nasty stories about other children or when one child force another one to do something against his will by using threats, strength or intermediation.
To spread awareness and help you out Childcare La Puente CA is sharing the warning symptoms of bullying.

Reluctant to go to school in the morning :

As school is the hotspot for bullying, a child’s reluctance to wake up and go to school in the morning could be a signal of bullying. Sometimes it is normal for kids to not want to go to school in the fall or after a vacation, but if he is making recurring excuses to stay at home or you are receiving frequent calls from the school nurse requesting an early pickup, you need to take prompt action and look into the matter.

Frequent headaches and stomach aches :

Headaches and stomach aches are the most common physical manifestations of the stress and anxiety connected with the indicators of bullying. If your child is complaining about this type of physical discomfort very often talk to him and try to understand the actual problem. According to Preschool La Puente CA, many kids make excuses for being sick to stay away from school and other social gatherings. To be on the safe side, you can take your little one to a pediatrician and get him thoroughly checked.

Change in emotional behavior :

In addition to the physical symptoms, a sudden change in a child’s emotional behavior may signal a problem. Parents need to be observant about their child's mood before and after going to school, whether they feel happy and excited while going to school and come back in a cheerful mood. Parents can sense whether there is any problem or not looking at children’s facial expressions or body language.

Troubled sleep :

If your child is stressed or anxious for any reason, he may experience difficulty in having a sound sleep. If your little one seems more tired at breakfast or looks worn out than usual, this could be the signs of his sleepless nights.

Not wanting to interact with family:

Caregivers in Childcare La Puente CA has observed that if a child is stressed or bullied by anybody in school or any other place does not want to interact much with family or friends. They often try to spend time in isolation. Some other symptoms of bullying are like change in friendship, intense emotional reactions, change in grades or some physical marks on the child’s body. As a parent, you have to take a close look on your kids after they start their schooling to avoid any severe circumstances.