How To Make Students Pay Attention And Enjoy Learning In Preschools

If there is one problem that troubles all preschool teachers, it is to make children pay attention to the tasks on hand. Since kids are very active and always looking for excitement, it becomes tough for teachers to make them focus on jobs. Most preschool teachers adopt different ways to increase the attention span of their students. Here is what Child care West Covina, CA teachers do.

Learning is fun

When you give them tasks that they love, kids are bound to stick to them. Preschool is the place where children get the basic lessons on life and learning. So, it is imperative that learning should be fun-based here.

Teachers can use music, rhymes, games, and activities to impart knowledge. This is the best way to keep the students engaged and focused.

Let them play

Kiddos love to play, so let them play. Having lots of physical activities in preschool allow the children to spend their energy and feel happy too. Following this simple technique, most preschools plan their daily routines with plenty of scopes of playing in the outdoors.

Use ‘attention breaks’

This is also an innovative idea to make children pay attention. The teachers explain what paying attention means and then assign tasks that require them to concentrate. They may draw or study a picture or listen to music. Several ‘attention breaks’ a day teach the children to learn to focus, sit still, and grasp the concepts faster. The attention breaks are kept small so that the children don’t get restless and lose interest.

Give them smaller tasks

Very active children find it challenging to remain attentive. For them, setting smaller time frames or breaking the tasks into tinier chunks prove helpful. For preschoolers, time frames of 5-10 minutes work the best.

Play games that improve memory and concentration

As we know, children learn more through plays. So, involve them in games that improve their memory and make them contemplate work best for them. Memory games like Simon Says are simple yet appealing. Matching cards, treasure hunting, and solving puzzles are good options to keep the students glued.

Encourage discussions

Teaching gets stimulating when it becomes a two-way process. Encourage students to ask questions on the topics discussed in class. You can also inspire them to introspect by asking open-ended questions. Try to instill in them a habit of asking, and they would enjoy learning.

Create a soothing ambiance

Just like us, children also cannot concentrate if there are too many visual distractions around them. Clear their desks or the classroom before setting any task for them. Unnecessary clutter distracts kids, so remove anything that they can fiddle. Making them sit apart or playing soft music would help in creating a soothing ambiance.

Help children to find their passion

Preschool teachers have observed that children pay less attention to boring tasks. If teachers can help students discover their passion, they will learn more quickly. When a kid gets involved in any activity that interests him, he will have fewer problems concentrating.

You can adopt these techniques at home or preschool like Child care West Covina, CA, and see how your kids take more interest in studying.