How To Keep Children Safe From Cold And Flu In The Rainy Season

The rainy season is not only fun for children, after a long scorching heat of the summer rain shower makes this earth cool and brings relief. One of the greatest joys of childhood is to play in the rain while jumping in the dirty pool in Peppa Pig style. Raindrops even motivate a toddler to stand beside side the window or walk towards the balcony and to enjoy the rain. But, along with fun and relief, rain also brings numerous health problems not only to children but to adults too.

The most common questions that doctor faces from the parents are how they will protect their children from common flu, cold and cough in this rainy season. Most of the childcare caregivers in Walnut city in CA say that children under age 3 suffer from cold and cough six to eight times a year because viruses responsible for cold and flu are present all the year round. But this wet season offers them the most conductive environment to flourish. The damp and humid season plays a perfect host to the infection.

Small children are more prone to this virus because their immune system remains low. Moreover, toddlers do not have adequate training on hygiene routine and for this reason, the disease spreads from one child to another when they play with common toys and other play materials. Symptoms of cold are – sore throat, runny nose, cough, and fever.

Anxious parents often ask caregivers of daycare how to prevent this common cold of children. Some childcare tips regarding cold, cough, and flu are given below.

The easiest way to protect your children from colds is to get them vaccinated. The flu vaccine is the best protective and preventive measure against the cold and flu. According to some pediatrics in Walnut, CA Vaccine reduces the risk as well as the severity of the symptom.

Maintaining a healthy diet during this season is needed to make them strong internally. Vitamin C supports a healthy immune system and is regarded as a cold remedy. Lemon, bell pepper, strawberries, grapefruits, oranges, etc. are a good source of vitamin C. Add a good amount of vitamin C enriches food in their daily diet to boost their immune system. Hot beverages like lukewarm milk, chicken and vegetable soup, green tea, etc. give your children relief when they already caught a cold. Tell them to sip this warm liquid slowly. It will help them when they have a sore throat.

Taking steam or gargling works well in cold and cough. When your kids suffer from a blocked nose, encourage them to take steam from a steamer putting a pinch of camphor in it. If they make complain of throat pain advise them to gargle with warm water before going to bed. It really works.

The air in the rainy season is heavy as they contain a good amount of moisture. Moist and humid weather also are responsible to catch a cold. If needed use a drier to drywalls and furniture of the house because damp walls attract mold and fungus to grow and it, in turn, give birth to asthma and breathing trouble.