How To Increase The Immunity Of The Children

Nothing pains us as a parent more than to see that our little ones fall prey to cold, cough and other infectious diseases. As the child starts to go outside like Childcare centers and mingles with other children, caregivers, and Childcare authorities, these diseases become more common and seemingly impossible to avoid. To combat all these infections, strong immunity is needed.

In a Childcare in Covina Ca, parents are advised to improve the immunity of their kids to protect them from the endless array of germs and viruses he is exposed to every day. Building immunity is the key to combat infection. Here are a few simple tips that are given by a pediatrician to enhance the immunity system of your children.

Most Pediatrician says that breastfeeding of a child is necessary to build up strong immunity. Breast milk contains turbo-charged immunity-enhancing antibodies and white blood cells. It saves your baby from various common infections like ear infections, pneumonia, meningitis, urinary tract infections, and SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). Studies show that it also enhances your baby’s brainpower. It has been seen that breastfeeding has great importance in proper child care.

The child who has breastfed at least the first six months has better immunity than others and is less prone to infections and allergies.

Serve a healthy platter to your children daily. Encourage your children to eat rainbow food made of different types of fruits and vegetables. We all know that fruits and vegetables contain bright colors due to the presence of different phytonutrients and phytochemicals. These nutrients help to fight against different types of diseases. Children by nature are fond of colors. Instead of serving artificial color-rich food serve them organic colored food every day. Carrots are orange, tomatoes, strawberries are red, spinach is green, aborigine is purple, bell peppers and pineapple are yellow, mushrooms are white and there are so many vegetables of a different color. Encourage them to eat those to stay healthy. Research has proved that a diet rich in phytonutrients not only saves a child from common infection, they also protect a toddler from serious illness like cancer, heart diseases, etc.

An adequate amount of sleep is also necessary to boost the immunity of the children. A pediatrician in a hospital in Covina CA, says children in daycare often remain at risk of sleep deprivation because various activities can make it difficult for them to nap. But in quality Childcare, they provide a napping facility to children. Before sending your children to childcare do not forget to check whether they give this facility.

Regular outdoor activity is also needed to be strong physically. Moreover, exposure to sunshine helps the body to absorb vitamin D from sunshine as the sun is the only natural source of vitamin D. This vitamin D helps calcium to get absorbed in the body and makes bones and muscles strong. An hour of activity in the park or even an indoor playground can work wonders for a child’s health and boost immunity.