How to help your child learn through exploration

Have you ever thought about what should be the most effective way to teach a toddler where the child remains focused and enjoy his learning? Most of the kids are inquisitive by nature and they have a lot of questions about their body and the world around them. Most of the time they use their senses and body parts to explore the environment.

According to Montessori La Puente CA, learning through exploration is a term used in education to describe how a child can learn to make sense of the world around them. Through exploration, children can develop social and cognitive skills, mature emotionally and gain the self-confidence needed to engage in new experiences and learning. Playing new games, reading books, communicating with others, meeting physical and mental challenges, trying to learn something new are some of the activities that help children learn through exploration.

Why exploration is important?

In today's world, the concept of learning through exploration is very relevant. It is important for the toddler’s emotional, social and physical development. They learn more about the world and how it works. Exploring also provides opportunities to work on their important motor skills like kicking a ball or climbing stairs or bending down. At Childcare La Puente CA, children are encouraged to try out new things that improve their sense of confidence and competence. Moreover, letting kids explore is one of the very important physical activities for toddlers.

Some ideas for indoor exploration:

  • Look through the mirror: Toddlers have many questions about their body parts and at this stage, they learn to recognize themselves through pictures or looking through the mirror. At home, you can securely set up a mirror at the height of your little one and let him explore his face. To motivate him you can ask him to show his nose or mouth or eyes or ears. This is a very basic activity you can do with your toddler through which he can learn the body parts.
  • Sensory toys: Children love to use their senses to explore the world. You can buy some age-appropriate materials (playdoh, fingerprint, straws) that can easily be squeezed, patted, poked and prodded. In Montessori La Puente CA, younger toddlers are given wrapping paper, wax paper, textured toys, and different types of clothes that are fun to touch and crinkle.

Some ideas for outdoor exploration:

  • Play ball: You can buy different types of balls for your toddler to play with. While playing with the balls your little munchkin will learn to kick, throw and catch balls. You can also motivate your child to look at the shape of the ball.
  • Creating a sandpit: In your backyard, you can create a sandpit and allow him to play with sand and water. You can demonstrate creating a sandcastle or a house with sand. Give him a bucket full of water where he can float his water toys and splash around.
  • Nature walk: In Childcare La Puente CA, children go to the backyard garden to explore nature. They are encouraged to pick up leaves and rocks and feel the bark of the trees and observe the bugs there.