How to help children adjust to a preschool

A preschool is a great place for a child to learn valuable life lessons. It also lays the foundation for academics. Preschools also teach kids social skills. For these reasons, most parents plan to put their wards in preschools as soon as possible. However, going to a preschool is a major step for children as they have to remain away from their parents and home.

How to prepare your child for joining preschool?

Attending a preschool brings mixed emotions for kids. Some toddlers feel excited and adjust quickly to the new environment, while others may get anxious and insecure. Some children withdraw and refuse to mingle with peers. To counter these situations and help your child adjust to the preschool setting, parents should take certain steps.

According to the teachers of Daycare Fullerton CA, parents should talk to their children about their decision. Discussions on preschool and how he can make friends and play with them would excite him. This would also help in removing any fear he has about preschools.

Take your kid to the preschool before the classes start

Before school starts, visit the preschool with the kid. This would make him familiar with the school environment. He can explore the school and develop a liking for it. If a child likes to play football or basketball, he would be elated to find the equipment in the preschool. Most children love to attend playschools as they can play with various toys. So, taking your kid to the preschool would help to prepare him better.

Moreover, you can learn about the routine activities that the preschool follows and introduce a few of these at home. The most common routine that you can set is getting up and having his meals at a particular time.

Knowing how the teachers would handle the transition and structure the first few weeks would help you to relax also. Most parents are worried about how their kids would adjust in preschool. They express these worries, and the child gets anxious also. Always remember that children are good at picking nonverbal cues, so change in your body language or tone may affect your kid adversely.

How to help your kid to settle in the preschool?

Accompany your kid to the classroom on the first day and introduce him to his teacher. Let the teacher take over the situation and form a warm relationship with the child. As you step back and allow the teacher to take the lead, your child would get the message that he is in safe hands.

If your child refuses to enter the class or clings to you, stay calm. Talk to him and bid him goodbye. Promptly leave the classroom but don’t sneak out as it would make him feel abandoned.

Make your own farewell routine like waving him goodbye, or kissing or hugging him. If your child continues to cry or feel depressed, give him his favorite toy or blanket.

Daycare Fullerton CA has developed a friendly atmosphere where kids can have fun as they learn different things. It has carefully chosen activities to make kids enjoy their time.