How To Handle Hyperactive Kids In Preschool

Most children are very energetic, always looking for new things to try. We love them for being so active and playful, but too much activity can make it tough to handle them. Hyperactivity is a problem that preschool teachers face in their classes and, so have devised strategies to counter it.

How to recognize a hyperactive kid?

As we said earlier, most kids are very active and love to do things. However, hyperactive kids can be identified by their reckless behavior. They are too energetic and never get tired. They find it hard to sit still or listen to instructions. They are impulsive and get worried or frustrated easily. Moreover, they also cannot focus on any task for a long time.

Both parents and teachers should identify hyperactive children and help them get over the problem as it can lead to poor academic performance and lack of socialization.

The teachers of Preschool La Puente, CA follow specific strategies to calm hyperactive students. Here are a few of them.

Engage them in activities

Channelizing the energy is essential to calm the mind of students. So, teachers encourage children to run around and participate in activities that help them spend their energy. Along with that, activity boxes enable students to focus on the tasks. All these also help the children to develop their memory skills and boost motor development.

Pair up students

Since hyperactive tots want to move about, a great way to give them this scope is to ask them to run errands in class. Pairing kids together to pass out papers, handover toys, and cleaning the blackboard are tasks that kids enjoy. The kids learn to take responsibility and understand instructions.

Give them stress balls

Stress, anxiety, and frustrations are common in hyperactive kids. To relieve them of these, stress balls or squashy toys come in handy. So, keep stress balls at their desk. The stress balls not only help in releasing stress but also make it easy for kids to focus and pay attention.

Talk to them

This is as simple as asking them how they are feeling and allowing them to express their anger or sadness. Create an atmosphere of security so that the students can approach their teachers and speak freely.

When speaking to children, use simple and affirmative language. Pay attention to what they are saying and calm them whenever necessary. Most kids feel secure when they have someone always ready to lend them an ear.

Help them to relax

Often, we do not realize that too much screen time increases stress in our wards. So, to make them relax, we have to hit the outdoors. They will feel serene, spend their time exploring the immediate environment, and also release their energy.

Ensure a balanced diet

We may not realize the illeffect of preservatives and sugar on the health of our children. We should give them nutritious and home-cooked food. For their mental well-being, it is important to develop a healthy lifestyle.

Often hyperactive kids need someone to share. A walk in the garden can help them to stay calm. Preschool La Puente, CA adopts simple but effective strategies to deal with hyperactivity and ensure the overall growth of their students.