How To Deal With Sibling Rivalry

Sibling rivalry is a common problem which parents with more than one child frequently face. It is a continuing conflict between kids raised in the same family and can happen between blood-related siblings, step-siblings, and foster siblings. This rivalry or conflict comes out in many forms – physical fighting, bullying, non-stop competition in everything, and many others. However, this conflict becomes the punishment for mom and dad and they become tired and disgusted to play the role of referee to stop the rivalry of their children.

Parents should solve this rivalry problem at the very childhood, else, it can even affect them as they get older and will hamper their friendship and love for each other. The primary schools of West Covina, CA arranged for a workshop to deal with sibling rivalry where parents were invited and were entertained with their frequent questions on sibling rivalry. In that workshop, anxious parents were relieved to know that rivalry among siblings is unavoidable but manageable. Pediatricians, as well as child psychologists, give a few childcare tips on sibling rivalry.

According to child care experts, the main cause of sibling rivalry is to draw the attention of the parents. They may feel that parents are not showering equal love on all of their children. Apart from that broken family, unhealthy relation between parents, mishandling of children, may lead to this rivalry. The sibling rivalry may start from the very childhood and may aggravate when the children enter the adolescent period.

A few child care tips on sibling rivalry :

Do not compare one of your children with another. When you praise only one child, others may feel neglected. Try to find out the qualities of all of your children. Praise and encourage them to do better in the future.

Do not bring your kids against one another in competition rather encourage them to perform most of the job jointly to create a healthy rapport among them.

Allow your older children to take care of your younger one like feeding the younger sister or helping her to do the homework. It helps a lot to strengthen the relationship between siblings. Do not forget to tell younger children to trust their older brothers and sisters.

Do not scold or punish one child in front of others. If scolding or punishing is necessary, do it alone in a quiet private place otherwise the punished child may think that he or she is being teased. Other children may make a mockery of that.

Try to be equal in front of all your children. Do not take the side of one child when they come to you to solve the problem.

Stay calm and quiet and hold your patience when there is a quarrel between siblings and take the right and quick steps so that the problem does not escalate. Maintain a healthy relationship with your partner. It will be the model for them.

Attending family dinner, family outing, cleaning of household, playing both indoor and outdoor games along with all the family members, sharing good memories, etc. are very important measures to maintain a healthy relationship among siblings.