How to Build Confidence in Kids

Self-esteem development begins very early in children and it is intricately connected to the kind of human beings they would become in the future. Helping kids with low self-esteem is as important as making sure they eat and drink well or get their vaccination on time. Preschool teachers have noticed that low confidence levels in children affect their healthy development and can give birth to depression, self-hatred, and even suicidal thoughts. Reading this blog post would help you to understand the symptoms of low self-esteem in children as well as various ways to boost their confidence.

Signs of Low Self-Esteem in Children :

The parents and teachers need to understand the symptoms of low self-esteem in preschoolers.

  • React aggressively to emotional situations or bullying.
  • Act like a clown or demonstrate ridiculous behavior.
  • Will doubt their potential and get frustrated very easily if they fail at some tasks.
  • Try taking control of the whole situation and become quite dominating.
  • Impulsive behavior.
Tips to Boost Children’s Confidence :

If you are one of the parents who want to know some strategies to boost your child’s confidence, then these tips would be helpful for you.

Spend Time with Your Kids :

Spending quality time with kids is necessary. You can take them out for an ice cream treat, or read storybooks with them, or just play their favorite game together. Whenever you are with your kids, try to give them your full attention as kids are perceptive enough to figure out if you are distracted.

Let Them Choose :

According to the City of Industry, CA playschool teachers, you should encourage your kids to be independent in choosing what they want. They will feel confident if you give them the freedom of choice. You can give them options for their meals, clothes, or activities and let them make the choice. But before making them decide, please make sure they are aware of the consequences of their choices so that they can decide accordingly.

Reassure Them Regularly :

Kids need to understand that nobody is perfect in this world, so they also do not have to be perfect all the time. Try to show compassion and understanding in your reactions whenever they fail to achieve the desired goal. Make them understand that keeping their best foot forward is important and winning and losing is a part of learning.

Praise Their Efforts :

Always praise their efforts even if they fail to achieve their objective. Genuine appreciation would motivate them to conquer all the obstacles and help them to face the world confidently.

Do Not Insult Them :

By nature, Preschool kids are a bit sensitive and it is not fine to take your anger out on them. Never insult them or abuse them in front of others. Your positive attitude towards your kids will definitely boost their confidence.

Give Them Responsibilities :

If you give them some responsibilities, they will feel sensible and confident. This will also make them independent and willing to do things by themselves.

Besides following these tips, your constant support and encouragement are crucial to enhance your child’s self-esteem and confidence. Your calm and patient attitude would help him to feel confident and independent.