How to Boost Your Child’s Intelligence?

Do you know that from birth till age 4, an infant’s brain grows explosively? Most of the kids’ brain develops 90% of its adult size before they enter kindergarten. This is the period of great growth that provides an ideal window of opportunity for learning and enhancing knowledge. People who have high Intelligent Quotient or IQ tends to be successful in their life. As all parents want their kids to be the intelligent one and successful in life, Preschool West Covina CA shares a list of 5 ways to boost your toddler's intelligence.

Reading books to improve verbal and linguistic intelligence :

This is the most popular and easy activity to enhance your toddler’s linguistic intelligence. Linguistic intelligence is a special ability to process information using words and language. Reading is more helpful in comparison to processing images or speech, as parts of our brain start making connections while we read and construct a visual image. Reading not only helps to improve language, which is essential for effective communication, it is also important for the cognitive development of the child. Reading books has a great contribution to enhance vocabulary, general knowledge, verbal fluency, and spelling.

Physical activity :

Childcare La Puente CA encourages kids to participate in different physical activities. Playing any sport or doing any physical activity increases brain function with the release of endorphins. Endorphins are chemicals that help to relieve pain or stress and boost brain function. You can also take part and play with your child to motivate him to play and follow the sport.

Play with blocks to improve spatial intelligence :

In today’s world, most of the kids grow up with puzzles, blocks, memory games, crafts, and toys figurines. Playing with construction blocks is very important and helpful as it provides your child with many learning opportunities. According to Preschool West Covina CA, while playing with building blocks, kids grow spatial awareness and develop their spatial intelligence which helps kids imagine pictures in their mind. Children who are better at visualizing spatial relationships have also been found to develop stronger arithmetic abilities in school.

Mathematical calculation to improve fluid intelligence :

Fluid intelligence helps kids to imagine abstractly, reason and identify the correct pattern to solve any problem and discern relationship without having any prior knowledge. To improve fluid intelligence in your toddler, let him explore different objects with his senses to understand their shapes, texture, and size. Motivate your child to compare various aspects of the different objects they have explored. For example, to teach the concept of shape you can use some real objects of different shapes.

Trust your child :

Childcare La Puente CA believes every child is unique and they have their strengths and limitations. As parents, you need to respect the uniqueness of your child and keep faith in his ability. Try to appreciate his efforts even if the result is not according to your expectations. Your child’s learning process and effort should be the focus of your praise. Your encouragement, positive attitude, and trust in him will help your toddler achieve his goal.