Games you can try at the Thanksgiving party

Thanksgiving is the best day of the year for US school kids. This day provides you an opportunity to indulge in some favorite foods like stuffing, turkey, and pumpkin pie, although you won't hear us complaining about that one bit. Also, it is when they reunite with their family and friends for long hours. Kids always love to enjoy games and parties these days. You can play some of the games that we have mentioned when you are throwing the Thanksgiving Day party.Montessori City of Industry CA team has mentioned these points after years of experience being with kids.

Have a look:

The pie spinner game

Write the following prompts in each of the six sections of a paper plate's center to create the game of gratitude: "Friends, Family, Travel, Home, Work, and Pets." Next, build a category window by cutting a smaller circle from colorful craft paper and removing one "slice" from it. Jute rope is fastened to the rim with hot glue, and the wheel is fastened to the plate with a gold brad. To play, invite friends to spin the circle and, based on the category displayed, share a delightful memory.

Man vs. Clock: A Minute to Win It for Individuals

In this variation, one player will attempt to win every game by beating the clock. To win a prize, players must complete the game in one minute.

Alternatively, you might allow the same player to keep playing games until they are unable to finish one in a minute. Alternatively, you might have everyone play separately at the same time and see who can complete the challenge in under a minute.

Thanksgiving Bingo

This bingo set features well-known Thanksgiving themes like pie, turkeys, and fall leaves that children will adore. With enough cards for 24 players, it works well for large groups as well.

Play-dough turkeys

While the turkey bakes in the oven, keep the kids' hands occupied. When complete, these miniature turkeys make cute party favors that guests can take home.

Kids' Thanksgiving Pictionary

With words like "turkey," "leaf," "fall," and "scarecrow," this version of the popular game Pictionary is transformed into a Thanksgiving-themed activity for children and adults of all ages.

Depending on how you paint the paper slips and the container holding the paper words, you can make this as complex or straightforward as you choose.


These are some fun games you can enjoy at your Thanksgiving kid's party. It will be fun to enjoy when you are throwing a kid's party. The Montessori La Puente, CA, always recommends that you also teach your kids about the history of this day to connect them with your culture and festival. By adding these fun games to your party, you can have a lot of fun at home with your kids. Kids love to explore new things every day, and these games will add a new spark to your party.