Factors Affecting The Growth And Development Of Children

When raising children,there are many factorsfrom family and environment to genes and biology that influence their growth and development. It is important to understand these factors to help your children achieve a healthy growth and development pattern.Children’s proper growth and development is the most common topic of discussion in the PTMs of Montessori City of Industry, CA, so, a group of teachers is sharing below the major factors affecting the growth and development of children.

Heredity :

Heredity is the biological process of transmission of physical characteristics from parents to children through genes.It strongly influences many aspects of the physical appearances of children such as their height, weight, body structure,the color of the eye, the texture of the hair, and even the intelligence and aptitude skills.Many diseases like heart problems, diabetes, obesity, blood pressure can also transmit through genes, thereby affecting the growth pattern of childrenadversely.

Environment :

The environment is a major factor that plays a crucial role in the development of children and it represents the overall physical and psychological stimulation they receive.The physical surroundings and the geographical conditions of the place the child lives in, his social environment and relationships with family and peers come under the environmental factors that influence early childhood development in a major way.The safe and secure environment of the Montessori City of Industry, CA as well as the love and care of family contribute positivelytochildren’s healthy development.

Gender :

The gender of the child is a very common but important factor affecting the physical growth and development of a child. The growth pattern of girls and boys is quite different like boys tend to be taller and physically stronger than girls on the other hand girls tend to mature faster during their adolescencethan the boys.

Hormones :

You must be knowing that hormones belong to the endocrine system and influence the various functions of our bodies.Hormones secreted from different glands that are situated in specific parts of our body and control many of our body functions.The proper functioning of these hormones plays a major role in the normal physical growth and development of the children. If these hormone-secreting glandscannot function properly, children may suffer from growth defects, obesity, behavioral problems, and some other diseases.

Exercise :

In Montessori City of Industry, CA, children are encouraged to participate in different physical activitiesas thiswill help themto gain their muscular strength and put on bone mass.It has been observed that kids who engage in different physical activities, attain developmental milestones on time or sooner.

Nutrition :

Nutrition, maybe the most important ofthe lot, has the most profound impact on children’s healthy growth and development.Abalanced diet, rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, provides everything that a child’s body needs to grow properly. Malnutrition can cause deficiency diseases affecting their growth and developmentin a major way.On the other hand,overeating can also lead to obesity and many other health problems in the long run such as diabetes and heart-related problems.

Apart from the above-mentioned factors, family and geographical influence, socioeconomic status of the child and education play a major role in children’s growth and development.