Easy Halloween Craft Ideas For Kids To Keep Them Occupied

Halloween is not just about candy, spooky costumes, and carving pumpkins. You can think of some Halloween crafts to get excited for this big day. Encourage your kids to exercise their creativity and enjoy some time to strengthen the relationship with your kids. Here Child Care center teachers have shared some Halloween craft ideas which are fun to do and can keep your kids occupied till October 31.

You can use these crafts to decorate your porch for trick-or-treating or prepare your house for a Halloween party.

Vampire Bat Leaves:

Take your kids on a walk and ask them to collect some leaves. Then paint them black using matte spray paint. Once they are dry, use a white marker to draw little vampire faces on the leaves. You can hang the leaves in your drawing room to prepare your house for the Halloween party.

Natural Owl Pumpkin:

Send your little ones for a walk around the yard and ask them to collect some small and medium-sized leaves, acorn caps, grasses, and pinecones. Then ask them to glue the small leaves on the front of a small oblong pumpkin, overlapping them slightly to give it a feather-like look. Then, glue four larger leaves on either side, overlapping them to create wings. Now attach a piece of thin leather string with hot glue to the small acorn squash to create the outline of the face. Now pull apart a pinecone and use the individual scales to make the nose and stick them with glue. Stick the acorn caps to create eyes and grass would make the owl’s ears and whiskers.

Vintage Halloween Masks:

To make these Halloween themes masks, you need to gather vintage paper masks. You can get at least 10 to 15 numbers. Now ask your kids to stick the masks to an 18 inch (approx) craft ring, layering and overlapping them as they stick. In the City of Industry, CA preschools, teachers do this craft with their students to set the mood for Halloween.

Candy Garland:

If your kids are making this candy garland, they may need your assistance. Kids can collect the candies and tie them in the bow to the candy wreath. To make this garland you need to collect assorted candies in different shades like yellow, orange, and magenta. Then wrap a foam garland with a white ribbon. Then kids can attach the candies with glue, layering, and overlapping as they stick. Finish the garland with a yellow burlap bow.

Mummy Pumpkins:

Your kids will enjoy wrapping the mini pumpkins with strips of gauze. Once the wrapping is done entirely, stick two different-sized black-colored buttons to make the eyes. Then tack down a medium-sized twine with glue to make the mouth. In Child Care centers, kids love doing this Halloween-themed craft with their teachers.

So, this Halloween you can spend some time with your kids doing this spooky yet fun activities.