4 Easy and Creative Art Ideas for Kids

If you have a toddler at home, you must have noticed that he/she loves to participate in different art activities. In fact, the Montessori teachers also provide their students with opportunities where they can explore different art forms and participate in the activities according to their choice.

Art classes help children grow and develop their creativity, motor skills, problem-solving ability, communication skill, self-esteem, and socio-economic skills. It is a great way to expose the little ones to a hobby or after-school activity that might be outside of their comfort zone. Art is also a great way to strengthen your bond with your children. So, continue reading this blog post if you want some easy and creative art ideas which are inspired by experienced professional working in reputed Montessori in La Puente, CA to spend some time with your bundle of joy.

Fun and Easy Art Ideas for Kids :

Object Printmaking : For this delightful activity, you have to gather things lying around your house.

What you need :
  • Some regular objects like corks, sponges, bottle caps, marker caps, wood pieces, etc
  • Vegetables and fruit peels or slices, leaves
  • Different watercolors or paints
  • A canvas sheet
What to do :
  • Ask your child to collect various objects lying around the house that he may find interesting.
  • Let them dip the items in colors and form unique prints on the canvas sheet.

Shaving-cream Art : Parents do this activity with their kids as this is a sure-shot way to let children have a blast with various colors.

What you need :
  • Shaving cream
  • A cookie sheet
  • A variety of food colors
What to do :
  • First, let children spray some shaving cream on the cookie sheet.
  • Then, put a few drops of different food colors into the shaving cream.
  • Now let them blend the many colors and make interesting designs.

Musical Magic : This musical play is a great way for the whole family to have some quality time together.

What you need :
  • Objects like empty bottles, cans, plastic cups, etc
  • Some beads, buttons, or small stones
What to do :
  • Ask your child to insert the beads or buttons or stones inside the bottles/cans/plastic cups.
  • Close them tightly and shake them to produce sound.
  • Encourage them to create music by shaking the bottles/cans/plastic cups.

Reverse Mural : The teachers do this art activity in groups as this is more enjoyable with a group of budding artists.

What you need :
  • A big piece of printing paper
  • Different watercolors
  • Paintbrushes
What to do :
  • irst, ask each student to make a mark on the paper with a paintbrush, like a bold curve or a line covering much of the paper
  • Crease the paper and cut it into as many parts as the number of students.
  • Number the parts so that you may join them back in the same order at the end of the activity.
  • Hand out the pieces of paper and let them decorate them as they wish to.
  • Collect the parts of paper after all the students are done decorating their respective pieces.
  • Now, reassemble the segments to create a fascinating mural.