Debunking Common Baby Care Myths

If you have kids at home, you must have gone through many annoying situations when people want to give you suggestions about child care. All parents want to take care of their babies in the best possible ways and in doing so you try to follow every suggestion given to you by your elder family members or your friends. When you are following everything, you must be aware of the truth behind all those age-old myths and practices that are being followed to keep children safe and secure. Through this blog post, Preschool Covina, CA team is trying to spread awareness among parents about some common newborn baby care myths and practices.

Myth : Giving an oil massage to kids is old fashioned.

Fact : Giving an oil massage to kids is in practice for ages but it does not mean that this age-old practice should be replaced or can be done without. Oil massage is recommended for kids because it helps in better blood circulation in their body and nourishes their skin. According to many doctors, a warm water bath after oil massage can also help children have a sound sleep.

Myth : Carrying or holding baby for longer duration may spoil her.

Fact : A baby’s only source of communication is crying and through crying, she tries to attract her parents’ attention. Also, during the first few months, a baby needs more skin to skin contact and constant comforting. Moreover, you cannot spoil a new-born. Holding your baby close to you, in a baby sling or your arms, are helping her to meet the needs. This also makes her feel safe and secure.

Myth : Breastfeeding mothers should eat bland food.

Fact : According to Preschool Covina, CA teachers breastfeeding mothers may have to avoid certain foods like nuts, dairy products, soy, peanuts, shellfish, fish, etc as these foods may cause some allergies. But apart from these, you can eat any food you want as it will help your baby to develop a taste for various foods through breast milk. However, you must stay away from alcohol, caffeinated beverages, or any such harmful things.

Myth : Teething causes fever.

Fact : It is an age-old belief that teething causes fever in kids. High-grade fever is not a sign of teaching so it is always advisable to consult a doctor if your kids are having a fever.

Myth : Rice cereal should be given at their bedtime for a long uninterrupted sleep.

Fact : A baby should be given only breast milk at least for the first 6 months and feeding her through bottle must be avoided until or unless you cannot do without it. But if you have started giving formula milk, then you should wait at least for 4 to 5 months before you add any kind of cereals in your baby’s diet. Preschool Covina, CA teachers suggest parents consulting pediatricians before starting with rice cereals, as it may lead to do some medical complications in babies such as obesity.

These are some common myths related to taking good care of new-born babies. So, it is always better to know the truth and be aware before following or applying anything in the name of child care.