Creative watercolor activities for kids

Watercolor painting is a creative art that explores new things. Kids always love to play with colors. You can try some creative activities with these colors to spend quality time with your kids. It allows the kids to use their minds and think creatively. You can do lots of things with these watercolors, like paint, spray, drip, and combine them with soap to create amazing rainbow-colored art. In this post, the Montessori West Covina, CA, team has mentioned some activities that you can try at home.

Enjoy the reading:

Friendly monster watercolor blow art

Kids always like to do this kind of activity. You can try friendly monster art with your little kids to start their watercolor adventure. Adventure in a Box shows us exactly how to make these cute monsters.

Watercolor dot art

You can draw anything and ask your child to color with dots on a line. To do this activity, you can make any butterfly, hut, or anything else, and ask your child to choose their favorite color and dot the line with a thumb with that watercolor.

Alphabet watercolor painting

It will also allow your kids to learn the alphabet funnily. You may for this entertain project, tape a sheet of paper in the shape of an alphabet letter. Students then use vibrant watercolors to cover the entire sheet of paper before allowing the painting to dry. Remove the tape to complete this highly effective piece of artwork.

Watercolor bookmark

These bookmarks are very simple and full of enjoyment for kids, so your child will love to do them. If children wish to create a more complicated design, they could meticulously paint the patterns or use a white crayon before painting with watercolors. Try this at home and enjoy the moment with the kids.


Watercolor painting offers the kid the opportunity to open their mind and think creatively. Water painting provides hours of imaginative play for children and helps your toddler or preschooler develop their imagination. They appear to find something beautiful and magical in painting with water, employing their artistic skills, then watching as their artwork slowly dries, evaporates, and vanishes. Rather, if you don’t have enough time to spend with your child, you can choose our Montessori City of Industry, CA, for your child's better growth and care.