Benefits Of The Bedtime Story For The Children

Nurturing a kid is a very difficult thing. From childhood, parents should take the right steps to enable their children to reach and maximize their full potential. In an event organized by some local Montessori schools of Covina, CA parents are told how bedtime stories may help their children to grow beautifully. Reading at bedtime is an age-old successful method practiced at home which increases the academic ability of the child. This practice also strengthens the bond between parents and fosters a lifelong love for books.

Preschool experts emphasize creating the perfect ambiance for telling your children stories at their bedtime at night. According to them, after finishing dinner children should spend some time either with their siblings or with other family members to release their extra energy. This time can be labeled as pre-bedtime. But, after that, children should get ready for bed. Tell them to brush their teeth, wash their body, wear their nightdress, and then go straight to bed. Now it is the responsibility of mom and dad to accompany your children to their bed with an exciting bedtime story. Here are a few good impacts of bedtime stories which preschool experts think are beneficial for kids.

Telling them a story when your children go to bed makes bedtime more attractive and interesting. There are a few hyperactive children who do not want to go to bed at night at the right time, rather they like to play or watch their favorite cartoon on Television. Your story will lure them and they will eagerly wait to go to the bed at the day’s end.

Narrating stories regularly to children improves their vocabulary. They learn new words and their meaning from the book. It has been shown that children who listen to the story at bedtime regularly become creative and can express themselves more beautifully when they grow old.

Listening story at bedtime on daily basis improves the attention of the child; especially those who have attention deficit disorder and helps them to focus on their academics later in life.

When you narrate something from current events to your child, you make them more aware of current affairs.

A story whether it is funny, sad, or scary, they give children food for thought when they become alone at night.

Listening story regularly enhances their imagination. When they listen to a story, they like to visualize it and use their imagination power. Not only that but also they grow the appreciation for books.

When you narrate a book or tells a story to your children at the end of the day, it means that you are spending some sole moments with them. It helps to make a strong bond between parents and children. While reading a story for them, let your child sit on your lap, or you sit beside them or you can lie on their bed. Cuddle them because Children love all these things. They will enjoy the story as well as love your company.