Autumn season activities you can enjoy with your kids

You can feel it in the air, can’t you? Now the air becomes cool in the morning and evening, and trees are losing their leaves. Now you can understand that now is the autumn season's arrival with cozy coats, crunchy leaves, and conker collecting. The autumn season is a fun time with your family and friends. There are lots of activities you can enjoy with your kids and partner. In this post, we have mentioned some activities to spend a quality weekend with your kids.

Have a look:

Go Leaf Peeping

You can watch and click the snap of beautiful greenery in your garden or maybe a garden around your home.

You can also make a scrapbook from the fallen leaves and then try to identify each kind of leaf. It can be a great idea for painting patterns too.

Have a good time outside

Jump on the fallen leaves and feel the crunch under your shoes. It can be a better choice for you to feel the fresh air outside and do some exercise. You can also create a leaf maze and let your kids find their way out.

You need to consider the changes in daily life. It can be exciting for kids, and autumn is no exception. Maybe the time and daylight hours change in many states. These changes help to educate your kids without overwhelming them.

Falling leaves give your child a great opportunity to go on a nature trip to any local park or a botanical garden. Inspire your child to find and keep bits of nature that appeal to them in color and shape.

Also, the children always love to track the changes in the trees. It can research what is happening in farms and orchards, whether you are leaving the rural area or not.

Do leaf crafts

There are two reasons people love falling autumn leaves: one is for jumping in piles of crunchy leaves, and another is for collecting a handful to take home for arts and crafts. From golden yellows to deep reds, collect all the best colors of leaves and flowers. You can make autumn sun catchers with all of these, also make some colorful autumn collages, and utilize them for leaf printing and painting.

Leaf Rubbings

You can enjoy some interesting activities with leaves, like using crayons to color the leaves over the drawing paper. Don’t forget to put the leaves vein-side-up for the best results. For the best results, remove the paper and use the side of the crayon for the best results.


Hope you will try these activities with your kids to spend quality time with your family. The Montessori City of Industry, CA team suggests that you always try something new with your kids; that will help to grow a better relationship between the two of you. Rather, if you are looking for a Montessori La Puente CA School, you can look forward to us.