Activities To Celebrate Grandparents Day

Most of you would agree that grandparents and grandchildren hold a very special emotion for each other. They are the persons who share old stories and help children to connect with their past. In today’s world, as most of the parents have a tight work schedule, children spend a lot of time with their grandparents. Both share a unique bond beyond any word. Child care Covina, CA teachers encourage children to celebrate this special relationship through different fun activities. While grandparents enjoy getting gifts, they really enjoy spending time with their grandchildren. So, let these two generations do some fun activities to celebrate the Grandparents' day.

Making cards together :

One of the most popular and creative Grandparents Day activities is making cards for each other. Let them be creative, share resources, and present their creativity through cards. Once they are done making the cards, they can present the cards to each other.

Become a journalist :

This day can be a great opportunity to interview the grandparents and let them share some old stories with your kids. They may share their favorite memories, or how they used to live in the past, or how these days are different from the olden time, or the life lessons they would like to pass on to the future generation. Help your kids to prepare a questionnaire which will help them to gather more information about the place and time their grandparents belong. According to the Child care Covina, CA teachers these old stories will help your little ones to understand and make a connection with their past.

Sing a song :

There are several songs written especially to celebrate the Grandparents Day. For example, “Thank you,Grandma, Thankyou Grandpa, I’m so very glad you're in my life”, “Oh Grandma, Grandpa, You Know that I love You” etc. These fun and entertaining songs are a wonderful expression of this special day. You can encourage and help your kids to learn and practice at least one song in advance so that he can sing the same to show his love and respect for his grandparents.

Going outdoor :

Going outdoor and doing some physical activities is a great way for grandparents and grandchildren to bond. Go for cycling, or fishing, or walk to the nearby park. Through these activities, they can spend some quality time with each other and on the other hand, can develop some healthy habits.

Create an “I love you because…” list :

If your children go to Child care Covina, CA, and have started writing, then encourage them to create an “I love you because…” list. They can use pen-paper or any digital platform to list down some reasons on why they love their grandparents. They can post or mail the list to their grandparents make them feel the happiest person on the planet.

Reading a book with your grandparents :

Many parents think that reading an appropriate book together can be the best activity to celebrate the unique relationship between grandchildren and their grandparents. Reading is always helpful to strengthen any relationship. Together they can read, discuss the story, or talk about their favorite character or moment in the story.