Tips to teach your kids the Value of Independence

Kids always fear being left alone at an early age. It is crucial to develop a fearless, happy, and independent child. For most parents, it’s a big dilemma to decide what to do to make their child an independent adult because we are raising the future. This is also true; you have to monitor your child constantly, and depending on what they are doing, maybe they are misusing their independence. In this post, the Preschool La Puente CA team has mentioned how to teach your kids the value of independence.

Let's read it out:

Give Them Space

Space is crucial when kids want to learn and explore new things. The most important thing is that they will never become independent if they never get the chance. Encourage self-reliance by allowing your child to explore without being watched too closely. Allow them to play in another room without you (or if you must check in, try to be discreet). If you notice a disagreement with a sibling or a friend, allow them to resolve it productively before interfering.

Allow them to walk ahead of you on the sidewalk (use your best judgment based on traffic and their readiness). If your mailbox is a safe distance away, send them out to get the mail. Allow them to enter the cafe, order, and pay for their lunch while you observe from a safe distance.

Every day, try to find at least one way for your youngster to achieve something "on their own" without you by their side. This could be something as simple as hanging up their coat, feeding the dog, or repacking their lunch for school.

Give notice

Encourage your child to help "you" change to get her on board. If you notice that you are doing more for your baby than is necessary, tell them, "I’m sorry. I am treating you like a baby. Say to him or her now, "You’re not a baby anymore."; "Baby" can be a sensitive word in this age group.

Give them responsibilities that they can manage

Your child does not have to begin by making major judgments. For example, if you're arranging a picnic and need your child's assistance, ask him to compile a list of items you might need or pack his suitcase for the short weekend trip.

Teach them how they can save and spend money

Purchase a piggy bank and teach your children how to manage money from an early age. Guide and encourage them to save for something they desire, but allow them to make the final decision. They will learn the hard way if they waste their hard-earned money.


These are the 3 ways in which you can teach your child the importance of independence. Choose our preschool in Covina, CA, for your child if you don’t have enough time to invest in them. We are here to offer you the best care, education, and guidance for your child.