Tips to improve your child's listening skills

Learning is an important part of every child's development. And listening plays a significant role in a child's learning. So it becomes very crucial for a child to have the best listening skills. Listening impacts the communication of a child. The Montessori City of Industry CA team has identified several factors that will assist parents in improving their child's listening abilities.

Let's read them out clearly:

Maintain eye contact

Eye contact is essential in all forms of communication. Experts say that those who maintain eye contact are more reliable, honest, warm, social, confident, and active. Eye contact also aids concentration and comprehension of what the speaker is saying. It is also important to improve children's listening skills.

Practice at home

Practice is essential for doing anything well, and developing good listening skills requires practice at home. Ask them to repeat what you said when you read them the chore list. This improves their listening skills and makes sure they pay attention to what you say. If they have any questions or need further explanation, they will also interrupt you and ask you to say them again. It will encourage your youngster to feel more comfortable seeking explanations in social situations as well.

Storytelling and Prediction

It is the best activity for encouraging listening skills. After reading a story, ask them questions related to it, or for older kids, ask them to write down the summary or end of the story. It will help your child listen carefully to make accurate predictions.

Hear them out

Your ignorance can affect your child's mind, and they will also not listen to you or others in return. So, before they finish their thought, try to hear them out and listen to what they have to say. Instead, wait until they are finished speaking before asking them questions.

Spending interaction time with kids

You have to know your child's wishes, likes, and dislikes, so try to make interactive communication with your child; ask them about their favorite movie, tell them yours, and discuss their favorite stories. It will offer you the opportunity to get to know your child, and they can improve their listening skills.

Healthy lifestyle

Lifestyle always matters for your child at any stage of growth. As a parent, you must plan their daily routine and encourage them to be physically active, eat a healthy diet, encourage outdoor play and real-life interaction, limit screen time and have good sleeping habits. It is very crucial to talk with your child and demonstrate what effective listening involves by listening to them yourself.


These are some tips that will help you improve your child's listening skills. The Montessori West Covina CA team recommends that you better develop your child and take care of all aspects of life. We have a certified team to focus on the holistic growth of a child.