8 Reasons Why Montessori Is The Best Method

Ever since DrMaria Montessori introduced the Montessori method of teaching for pre-schoolers, parents and educators have stood by it as the best way to teach preschool children. If you are looking for learning centres for your pre-schooler, here are some reasons why you should be focussing on Montessori West Covina, CA over other childcare institute.

  1. The basic philosophy of any Montessori classroom is that, children learn best when they choose what they want to learn. That is why a Montessori classroom is vastly different from any preschool classroom. There will be various activity centres in the same classroom for the children to choose from.

  2. The children of a classroom are not of same age but in various age group. Generally, the classroom is made up of children 1 or 2 years apart. This interaction between children of various age group help the children to communicate and socialize better.

  3. The non-traditional grading system means that each child learns to his or her best ability. There is no pressure on the child to compete with one another at such a young age. Also, stress is laid on each side of a child’s ability, and not only educational. So, children with learning problems or other such issues thrive much better in a Montessori environment than a traditional one.

  4. The striking thing about a Montessori classroom is that they are beautiful. They are always spacious and full of natural light. Such bright and warm environment encourage the children to explore their budding abilities and be more alert and happier. They learn effortlessly and develop skills faster. The tools in a Montessori classroom help in teaching the children their letters and numbers in a fun manner. They don’t even feel they are learning because it is so playful.

  5. Since children are encouraged to learn by themselves, they become much more independent in their daily work and thinking before children of their age group.

  6. Though children of various age group stay together in the same classroom, the curriculum of a Montessori school is designed in such a way that the activities nurture the key development stages of a age group. For example, activities of a four-year-old focus on the development of their fine motor skill while younger children’s activity focus on developing their large muscles and language skill. The whole system is geared towards the child and so can easily be adopted as per the need of an individual child.

  7. Though the setup of a Montessori West Covina, CA may look like a playroom than a classroom, but children learn discipline and routine much better in here. Each item in a Montessori classroom go to a specific shelf or bin and children are taught to keep things in place from day 1.