Picture books that support numeracy in children

Reading picture books to toddlers is an awesome experience. Reading is beneficial in strengthening the relationship between parents and children. According to many parents, the best part of the day is that time when they read with their children. You can enjoy the funny stories, beautiful illustrations, and silly characters of the picture books with your children. The little ones can also learn a great deal from their picture books. For example, the sounds of letters, the meanings of new words, and the fascinating information about the world around them.

You will be surprised to know that Montessori Covina, CA teachers use storybooks to stimulate maths learning in their students. They have many picture books that explore numbers, shapes, relationships, and other important early math concepts. Below they have shared a few of the titles, they use in their classroom to explore numbers in different ways.

I Spy Numbers by Jean Marzollo :

This multilayered and interactive book for the little ones is a real treasure. This book is popularly used for helping children understand the cardinal meaning of number symbols(for example, number 5 corresponds to 5 things)with a mix of household items, toys, brightly colored objects to spot and count on every page. This is a wonderful book to return to again and again as their numerical ability develops.

One Thing by Lauren Child :

This is a unique and ideal book for preschoolers where Charlie and Lola exploring the numbers and their sounds. This book in a very creative and humourous way focuses on the concepts of addition and subtraction. The more they explore the book, the more they get fascinated by numbers. The interweaving of number symbols on every page helps children to understand the connections between the symbol and the actual number of things mentioned in the text. This is an important milestone in developing numeric skills in children.

Mr. Gumpy's Outing by John Burningham :

Although numbers are not mentioned in this much-loved story of Mr. Gumpy and his boat outing on the river, children can learn some mathematical concepts reading this book. As the number of animals and children who wish to join him increases, so does the weight of the boat. This is a very simple story through which Montessori Covina, CA teachers introduce numeracy to their students.

How Many Legs? By Jim Field and Kes Gray :

Preschool teachers use this book in their read-aloud sessions with their little mathematicians. The mathematical approaches such as addition and multiplication are explicit but the little ones will enjoy following the antics taking place on the page. They will also enjoy the funny colorful illustrations and the masterful use of rhyming words.

10 Little Monsters by Mike Brownlow and Simon Rickerty :

There are lots of brilliant titles in the “10 Little” series and they are all similar in format. There is a perfect blend of counting elements and rhyming words. These books are a great resource for parents, Montessori Covina, CA caregivers, and teachers to build a strong foundation of numeracy in children. Children learn to count numbers forwards and backward as the characters in the book disappear then reappear. The colorful illustrations help bring mathematics to life.