Language development activities for pre-schoolers

Communication is a crucial aspect of cognitive growth in children. Using language to communicate his ideas and thoughts is very important for the holistic development of your child. Here is a list of activities Montessori West Covina CA teachers can follow in teaching language to the toddlers.

Playing the telephone game:

A toy telephone can play a very important role in developing your kid’s language. Buy a pair of telephone and dial his number on one telephone to call him. Encourage your child to pick up the telephone and say hello to answer the call. Doing this activity regularly will help your child learn some good telephone etiquettes and improve his speaking skills.

Nursery rhymes:
Nursery rhymes and lullabies have been playing a vital part in developing a child’s language and vocabulary. Children enjoy rhythmic language and find comfort and interest in the simple nursery rhymes. In the Childcare City of Industry CA, teachers can sing nursery rhymes to introduce new words and language patterns to toddlers.

Name the thing:

Name the thing is a very good activity to develop language in your toddler. You can point to any object and ask him to tell the name. Parents or teachers can help with the names until he starts saying the name on his own. This game can be played anywhere at home, in the park, zoo, market or even in the car.

Speak in a complete sentence:

You can try this activity at home to help your child understand how to construct a sentence and the proper ways to answer a question. Try to use complete sentences while speaking to your kids and encourage him to respond in a full sentence. Montessori West Covina CA teachers can have a simple question-answer session with kids to give them practice speaking in complete sentences.


Storytelling is a very good language development activity. You can use a simple picture storybook and read the story to your child. While reading you can ask some questions relating to the story or can point to the images in the book and ask him to identify them. This activity can Improve his vocabulary and teach him to give an accurate response to the question asked. This activity can also inculcate reading habits in your child.

Show and tell:

In this activity, children are supposed to talk about their favorite toy, book, person or any other object. The objects can be brought by the students or can be provided by the teachers.
In the Childcare City of Industry CA, teachers can do this activity to understand how much development students have made in acquiring language. Bubble time with your kid:
Talking to your kids is very important to help them improve their language skills. Try to use simple language while talking to a pre-schooler and listen very carefully when he responds. You can repeat what he said in using coherent and grammatically correct sentences. This will help him express his thoughts better and improve his articulation.