Intelligent Tips To Make Your Kids Eat More Fruits

Fruits are high in minerals, vitamins, and fiber. Kids should be encouraged to eat a variety of fruits because they are a rich source of antioxidants. Instead of sugary snacks and fast foods, kids should be served a variety of fruits in between meals, before a meal, and after the meal. Fruits also can be served with major meals as a dessert..

In most of the preschools in the US, they serve at least one type of fruit as tiffin to their students. A Child dietician in a primary school in the City of Industry, CA thinks that fruits benefit a child in many ways. Fruits ensure a child’s healthy growth and development. Regular intake of fruits strengthens a child’s immune system and helps fight various diseases like cold and cough, cardiovascular diseases, etc. High fiber present in the fruits helps in proper digestion and prevents constipation.

A registered dietician from a Children’s hospital in City of Industry, CA tells that all children irrespective of their age should eat a good amount of fruits daily for mainly three reasons –

  1. Fruit promotes health,
  2. Fruit reduces chronic diseases
  3. Fruit Reduces overweight and obesity

Here are some tips, given by a preschool dietician to make fruits more appealing to kids.

  • Take your children to the store and let them pick their favorite fruit from the basket. Fruit shopping will make children interested to eat more fruit.
  • Take them to an orchard or farmers' market and let them see how fruits grow in an orchard. It will be an enjoyable outing and this may help to create your kid's love for the fruits.
  • To make fruit appealing cut fruits and presents them in attractive bowls or on a pretty plate. Cut fruits in different shapes to make them more attractive to toddlers. Suppose you have a watermelon to serve. Scoop melon flesh with an ice-cream scooper and make red balls. Serve these balls to your children.
  • Your child may have apathy to one particular fruit. Mix and match it with other fruits to make it more attractive. For example, your kid may not like apples or guava. Cut them into a heart shape and pour chocolate sauce on those pieces to make them more attractive. In general, children love the taste of chocolate. This chocolate syrup will help your kids eat those fruits which they dislike very much.
  • Children like cold food especially when it is Popsicle. With the help of different fruits, you can easily make Popsicle and store them in the refrigerator. To make it you may use single fruit or more than one fruit. Different types of berries, citrus fruits like pineapple, melon, orange, kiwi, etc. are ideal to make Popsicle. Take anyone, or two or three fruits and add them into a blender. You may or may not add sugar to it. Blend them smoothly and pour them into the ice-cream molds. Freeze it. Your children’s favorite Popsicle is ready.
  • Combine your child’s favorite fruit with low-fat or fat-free milk or plain yogurt. A smoothie is a wholesome food for children at any time of the day. It meets their hunger and at the same time supply essential nutrients to your kids.