Indoor and outdoor safety checklist for kids

One thing all the parents want for their toddlers is to build an environment where children feel safe and secure. Though, nothing can beat the parental supervision for children, installing different safety equipment will help you to protect those little ones in a better way.

Toddlers require a lot of supervision because of their inquisitive and enthusiastic behavior. They are always busy in different high energy physical activities like jumping, kicking, running around. So, as parents, you would always try to balance between protection and freedom during their playtime. Childcare experts of Child care West Covina, CA suggest parents using different child safety equipment with the essential safety features to keep children safe from unexpected situations.

Indoor safety equipment for kids:

  • Gates and barriers: You can install gates and barriers in front of the staircase or rooms with potential hazards so that children cannot climb up the stairs or go into the rooms in which they are not allowed to enter alone.
  • Window locks: Window locks are important so that your windows do not open far too much. Toddlers are so inquisitive that they may try to climb up the window and jump from there.
  • Keeping floors dry and anti-slip: If you have a toddler at home, you need to be careful and follow certain basic steps to keep them safe and secure at home. you need to keep the house and bathroom floors dry or you can install anti-slip carpet on the floor to make sure they do not slip off on the floor and injure themselves.
  • Covered edges: In your house, there must be some furniture with sharp edges and picky corners. In Child care West Covina, CA, teachers have covered up all the sharp edges with corner guards to protect children from getting scratched.
  • Night lights: You can keep the night lights on in their bedroom while they are sleeping to ensure they do not trip or bump into objects when they get up to go to the washroom at night.
  • Closed-circuit camera: If you want you can install a closed-circuit camera in your house as that will enable you to observe your kids from outside.

Outdoor safety equipment for kids:

Kids don't stay to indoor always; they go out and play with their friends. As parents, you need to make sure they are safe outside also.

  • If your toddlers have started going to Day care you need to make sure that the playground equipment such as swing, slides, see-saws, merry go round, climbers, etc have been installed properly by some professionals.
  • All the playground equipment should be used as per your toddler’s age. For example, if the swing is not for children under 3 years, and your little one is still not 3, do not let him use the swing.
  • All the playground equipment should have basic safety features. For example, slides should have a large top deck and rails on both sides to hold. Swings should be installed at a decent distance so that two of them do not hit with one another.
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