How Can You Encourage Your Children to Eat a Balanced Diet?

A balanced diet refers to a diet that contains every crucial nutrient in it and so that the optimum growth and development of children is achieved. Here is some example that will show you how every nutrient plays a major role individually for the optimum growth and development of children.

  • Vitamin A: promotes optical development.
  • Vitamin D and calcium – they help altogether in the formation of teeth and bones as well as strengthening them.
  • Iron- supports cognitive development as well as the formation of haemoglobin
  • Vitamin C- essential for healthy teeth and gums

So, it might be clear that how a balanced diet plays a major role in their development in terms of mental as well as physical development. So, Child care La Puente, CA and Montessori La Puente, CA suggest the parents here how can you encourage your children to consume a balanced diet.

Make eating a balanced diet fun!

Here is an astonishing fact for you. Do you know that different colours of fruits and vegetables are representatives of different types of nutrients? Yes, it is true! So, prepare a dish containing rainbow colour with veggies and fruits. The dish will not only be attractive to your children but also will be a healthy meal. If your children are learning colours, you can ask about their colour too while eating. So, eating a healthy meal is not boring anymore for children.

Be a role model to your children

If you act choosy about eating, then it's no wonder that your children would follow your footsteps blindly. So, be a role model to your children while eating. Have everything that is needed for a healthy body and your children will learn to eat a balanced diet soon.

Let your creativity hit the kitchen

Try to make food fun! Cut the food into different shapes and decorate them with new ideas to let the food look attractive to your children. Introduce new different flavours in food to increase its taste. Your children would end up licking food off their plates. You might use kids-friendly cutlery as well for the carefree eating.

Do not be monotonous with food

Do not repeat food more than thrice in a week. Becoming diet monotonous can affect their interest in eating food. If you using the same food item into different dishes, try concentrating on introducing different flavours and texture as well so that it does not feel boring to eat for children.

The problem with feeding children a proper diet has always been a challenge for the parents. So, Child care La Puente, CA and Montessori La Puente, CA suggest the parents for trying out the above-mentioned techniques to feed their children the balanced diet and to make eating fun! Since eating healthy is the main key for staying healthy, the children should be encouraged to maintain their healthy diet pattern from the very beginning.