8 Great Ways to Promote Preschool Classroom Safety

Preschool facilitators all over the world use various creative techniques to help students calm down in the classroom so that learning can happen. Not only teachers should apply clever classroom management strategies to keep students focused, but they also need to ensure students’ safety and security in the classroom.

Here you can find some great ways to promote classroom safety.

Keep dangerous supplies out of reach: There may be many resources in your classroom that are not safe for kids like scissors, bulletin board tacks, thumb pins, glue, stapler, etc. You should keep all these items away from kids.

Wash your hands: In Child care centers, teachers should encourage kids to wash their hands whenever they get dirty, especially before and after having meals. Teachers can set a good example by getting into this habit of properly washing your hands yourself. Make sure you are using kid-friendly hand wash for the students.

Sanitize everything: Just like washing hands, being hygienically safe should be of prime importance to keep the germs and illness away. So sanitizing all the materials; their toys, learning resources, art supplies are a must. Instead of just wiping the classroom resources, try to thoroughly sanitize each and everything regularly.

Practice emergency plans: In La Puente, CA preschools, teachers practice the emergency plans with their students as no emergency plan would do wonder if preschoolers do not know the drill. So it is good to walk them through the experience before your school’s first fire drill to avoid any screaming or panicked sob. Role-playing the whole event, from the alarm to the moment when it is absolutely safe to come back inside the class.

Follow through with the consequence: There should be some rules to maintain discipline in class. They need to be within their boundaries to feel safe and they should never cross their line. If someone breaks the safety rule, make sure you follow through with a consequence. Try to think of logical consequences such as having to hold a teacher’s hand while walking to the playground or library may help the students to remember the safety rule.

Design the room properly: In Child care centers, the classrooms should be designed in such a way that teachers can see their students at all times. According to the experts open closet doors and bookshelves may not allow class facilitators to observe their students always. So, while arranging the class furniture, please make sure to keep the shelves and large furniture in a place that won’t obstruct your view of the room.

Watch the floors: In most of the preschools, kids spend quite a lot of time on the floor. So please make sure the floor is clean and there should not be anything that may cause students to trip and fall.

Keep communication open: To make sure your students feel safe and secure in their classroom, you need to keep the communication line open between yourself and parents, as well as between you and your students.