Effects of snowplow parenting style in children

Snowplow parenting is a relatively new technique of parenting; of late it is creeping into the feeds and conversations of the new age parents. Much like the snowplow man, this set of parents also try to clear away all the obstacles to ensure that their children don't have to deal with frustrations or failures. They try to ensure a clear path ahead of their children so that they become successful in their professional and personal life. But Preschool La Puente, CA teachershave noticed some negative effects of this type of parenting on their children.

Due to excessive snowplow, new age children facing some kinds of developmental problems. They are as follows:

Poor problem-solving skills :

This is the age when children have to develop certain skills to be successful in their life and problem-solving skills are one of them. If you consider life is a marathon, then snowplow parenting would be a sprinter. This set of parents may be successful in pushing their children to get into a competitive basketball team or take a lead part in school theatre or may even help them to get into some popular institutions. But they seldom able to provide their kids with the opportunities to develop 21st-century life skills.

Unable to deal with frustration :

Snowplowparents make their children dependent on their parents in every possible way. Children, having snowplow parents, are less comfortable in frustrating situations as they don't have the required skill set to deal with such tough situations. Our teachers have seen children, who cannot handle frustration, struggle a lot in learning something new.

Lack of self-efficacy :

Kids who have never dealt with the consequences of their actions, end up feeling a self-efficacy. They are unable to decide the course of action which will lead them to some positive changes. They feel apprehensive to take any decisions and they are less likely to act in the first place.

Increased anxiety :

Snowplowerstend to decide each and everything for their children. This set of parents always tries to decide something to soothe children’s fear and anxiety. In such cases, children don't learn the skills to manage challenging situations, increase resiliency, and cope up with tough situations. In turn, they tend to become more anxious and stressed when growing up and face the world.

How can you avoid being a snowplow parent?

  • According to Preschool La Puente, CA teachers, parents should concentrate on long term goals of their children rather than the short term goals.
  • Parents should control their anxiety first. They should let their children explore different options and help them understand the best one for them.
  • Kids must be prepared to face the challenges of life when they grow up. Parents and teachers need to work in collaboration and provide appropriate situations to help them develop the necessary skills. So, instead of solving their problems ask them how they intend to handle the situation. You can offer your suggestion but should always respect children’s thinking.