5 Christmas Décor To Do With Your Preschooler

If you are a teacher with a preschool West Covina, CA then making Christmas décor with your wards must be an important classroom activity this month. To help you out, here are some you can try out:

Christmas tree with a paper straw

Paper straw is fast becoming the number one choice by everyone because they are so environmentally friendly. Plus, they come in beautiful eye-catching designs. So, this month, one of your classroom activities in your Montessori La Puente, CA can be making Christmas tree with paper straws. All you will need is paper straws in bright colors like green and red. Help the children cut them into descending sizes and then glue with together in a triangle shape on top of two full straws. Don’t forget a star on top which they can cut from glitter paper. This can be made in various sizes, but one of the best sizes will be to make it in a gift tag size. In that case, use a small satin ribbon to make a loop. The children will not only be happy to make them but then can use them as a gift tag or hang on Christmas trees.

Pompom Christmas tree

Another décor item to make this season can be made using paper plates and various colored pompoms. Simply help the children color the paper plates in green and then cut from one side till the middle. Then they can glue the ends to make a cone shape. Then they can use the various pompoms to stick to the Christmas cone.

String Christmas tree ornaments

Another fun activity to do with your little ones this season is making string Christmas tree ornaments. Cut the thick carboard into various Christmas themed items like Christmas tree, stars, etc. Cover the whole pieces with glue and the children can then wrap strings of wool or yarn threads around the pieces. Don’t forget to add a loop at the top for them to hang. If you are making a tree shape, you can also add little snowflake or star-shaped decorative pieces on top.

Thumbprint Christmas card

Another great activity for your Montessori La Puente, CA can be making Christmas Card with thumbprints. On blank cards, first, draw a Christmas tree in the middle. Then the children can decorate the rest of the card by dipping their fingertips on child-friendly liquid colors and pressing on the card. Let the children’s creativity run wild with this activity.

Printed stocking coloring

Another great Christmas themed activity to do this month in your Preschool is coloring stockings. You will find downloadable stocking templet online, just download and print for your children. Then the children can have their fun coloring them in any way they like. You can then help them by punching paper holes on the sides of the stockings. The children then can thread a string through the holes to tie up at the top. Their stockings are ready to be hanged. This is one Christmas décor that will brighten up the classroom.