7 Brain-Boosting Ways To Play With Balloons

If you have a toddler at home, you must have decorated your house with lots of colorful balloons on his birthdays. But have you ever thought of using balloons in brain-boosting fun activities? Do you know that many occupational therapists use balloons to help increase fine, visual, and gross motor skills? In Preschool West Covina, CA, teachers use balloons to increase academic skills, especially in the area of science. You must be surprised to know that there are so many brain-boosting ways to use balloons at home. Want to know how? Please spend 2 minutes and read the full article.

Balloon Sports

Let your kids move around the house and play some balloon sports. While there are many options like baseball, soccer, and hockey, you can also allow your kids to make up their own games. Be creative and use some kitchen items and play with balloons. For example, use big spatulas or serving spoons to play balloon tennis. Get even more creative by making an obstacle course then encourage your kids to make their own ways through while holding the balloon between their legs.

Don’t Drop the Balloon

How long can you keep the balloon in the air? Play this game with your kids, they will enjoy the challenge of keeping the balloon in the air for the maximum time. If you want to make the game more challenging let your kids juggle with more than one balloon.

Get Crafty

Most of the time you must have seen balloons being used for party decorations, but you can use balloons in many other DIY projects. Search online and you will find many DIY craft project options which can be done with balloons. For example, in Preschool West Covina, CA art and craft teachers have constructed tree branches light, cloud, button bowl, magazine bowl, etc just using balloons.

Brightens Your Friend’s day

It is always fun to spread some love and joy to friends and family. Encourage your kids to decorate a balloon or two and then drop them off at a friend’s house. This can be done as an alternative to rock painting.


Do you want to do a sorting activity with your toddler? Use balloons and increase the fun quotient of the activity. A balloon bag comes with multi-colored balloons. Give all the balloons to the little ones and ask them to sort them according to their color. In fact, balloons can be sort by size, color, or even shape.

Math facts

Preschool West Covina, CA teachers use balloons to teach their students simple math facts. They take the smallest balloon and write the mathematical symbols for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division around it. Then take the numbered balloons to make equations for their preschoolers.

Just Play

Sometimes the best way for kids to develop their cognitive skills is by allowing them to play freely. Playing with balloons in their own way will help them to be more imaginative and creative.